Saturday, March 07, 2015

Stars Gala Quilt Day

Our regularly schedualed host has been working her but off so I am filling in today.
Thursday was guild day...
We seem like we haven't gotten together much
but sure have been productive people!!
This was Maryann's quilt inspired from a picture on Pinterest.
She used Pam Kitty panels..

Jane got a couple back from Sandi Whitford
 quilted them for practice on her long arm

If this was Sandi's practice run....look out!!!

She has only been long arming since June!!

Amazing donation quilts!!

Considering this is just a pair of old pants and church fabric!!

This is the next one Jane is sending to Sandi.

Chris used the Brother Scan and Cut to put words on this adorable quilt!!

The quilting on the back....

And then we have our own 'in-house' amazing long armer.....
Terry Whitman
This is the spectacular work she did on our Stars quilt for 2015

Beautiful work as always!!

We love how this year's quilt turned out so much....

That after these two finished binding it was started on a second for the Stars Gala in April.

We switched it up and used teal in the cornerstones this time.

So the label is on
 the name picked
(executive decision on my part)
This quilt is ready to be auctioned on Monday at the Ashworth Bull Sale in Oungre

(for the block party)

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