Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guild Christmas Party

This year we had lunch at the Canam Inn in Oungre, Sk

 Chris Marcotte, Theresa Stepp,Tracey Holzer, Marianna Wicks, Deb Tedford, Charlene Wimmer, Jane Marcotte, Colleen Marcotte, Terry Whitman, Maryann Whitman's Hands
Where we met up with Owen Ashworth and his parents who graciously bought us lunch!!
That was so not expected or necessary!!
Thank you kindly to the Ashworths!!

Owen's mom, Owen Ashworth, Maryann Whitman, Deb Tedford, Charlene Wimmer, Jane Marcotte

Owen was our inspiration behind making this quilt called Lucky Stars(really)
which will be auctioned off at the Ashworth Bull Sale in March,2014
All proceeds of this quilt will be donated to The Stars Air Ambulance

The Ashworths took the quilt with them to meet the Stars crew
 who came to his aid the day of his accident.

Then the fun continued at Charlene Wimmer's home...
We did a voluntary homemade gift exchange this year.
some would say 'pressured into participating' exchange....
Let's just go with....... I am good at the art of persuasion!!
Each person drew a name
kept it secret bringing the gift in a walmart bag with only the name on it.
The goal was to make something(small) that best reflected the person you drew out.
Part 2 was for the receiver to guess who made the gift they received!!
There were some very thoughtful gifts!!
We have all heard Charlene complain for 2 years
 about how she should make a lunch bag for herself for quilting days!!
So Colleen made this bag and some 'UGLY' dip
(as we all know that ugly is one of Charlene's favorite words)

Terry made Debra this cute pin cushion with embroidery....


Jane made Colleen this vintage treat ornament.....

And this kleenex holder.....
Charlene made Terry this western card holder with little clothes pins and burlap.....
We teased Jane about this dude being one of her former boyfriends....
Really, Jane...are you sure you don't know him??

Maryann made Jane some vintage ornaments hung on frosted dogwood in a planter of tulips...
The gift that keeps on giving!!

Tracey made this adorable snowman wall hanging for Maryann....


There was some show and tell like Charlene's place mats....

We ended the day with a demo of each of our favorite rulers.
We all came to the conclusion that the BEST ruler to own would be
Maybe Santa will stuff my stocking with one of these rulers!!
Well, I got go...
Jaxon's first sleep over and naptime is over!!
The Block Party Guild