Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Block Party Quilt Show

We would like to announce that we will be putting on a quilt show!!

Our poster was made with one of Terry Whitman's quilt photos!

It will be a fun filled day of quilts that mark moments of our lives.

From birth to your last breath....

And everything in between!!

We plan on having a couple of vendors for your shopping enjoyment!

Come join us for a Sunday tea party after the show!!

(for the Block Party Guild)
Thanks to Tressa Whitman for making our posters!

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The ABC's of Our Donation Quilts

In 2014, we decided to donated a quilt each year.
The A....

To the ASHWORTH Bull Sale

The B....

The quilt would be made by The BLOCK Party Guild and would be auctioned 

The C ....Our Cause!

Proceeds would go to Stars Air Ambulance.

The Ashworths son was in a bad accident that year 
STARS came to the rescue!!
Our first quilt was appropriately called STARS!

The Ashworths purchased it for $3300!

2015 was called In the Right Direction

It sold for $1500

2016 was Summer Skies

This was purchased by Barry Bangsund for 2100$.

Then Barry donated it back and it sold for 1900$ to Canadian Cattlemen Ass.

2017 was called Mom and Me

Bohrson Marketing purchased it for 1600$

2018 was Antelope Canyon

It sold for 1500$ to Barry Bangsund
 was donated back again.

It sold for 1100$ the second time to Darrel Fornwald!!

This year, we felt like we need to appeal to our purchasers more.

We needed to go with a farm/western theme.

It was called Open Range

We have always had such amazing support for our quilt at this sale.

Barry Bangsund made sure it would go for a great price bidding it up,

if not purchasing it himself!!

Sadly, Barry passed away on January 17, 2019.

His fun loving, kind spirit, and infectious laugh will be missed.

To our surprise, Barry's son and wife came to the sale 
 continued the tradition.

They purchased the quilt for 2700$ and donated it back!!

I can hear Barry giggling up in Heaven...

It was the auctioned for another 2300$ to Top Notch Farm Supplies.

We can not thank everyone enough for their continued support for our quilts.

It's unbelievable that a few women making 
donating a quilt can have such a great impact!!

Our quilts have raised nearly 15,000$ for STARS in 6 years!!

THANK YOU to all involved in making this difference in the world!!

The Block Party