Friday, December 14, 2018

Where Does the Time Go??

Our intentions are good....

But follow through... not so much!!

No posts for over half a year??

Now it's Christmas time!!

So this is a quick update of our last guild day!!
Lori has been in Mesa for a month so it was good to see her again!!
This girl is a machine!!

A gift for Baby Charlotte aka Charlie

These signatures were an exchange at the Heart and Hands Retreat.

I thought it was so cool. 

Such beautiful hand writing and no one signs their name anymore!!

A great way to note who was there each year!

Since it's Christmas.....

Lori finished this one....

And was working on her own rendition of this one...

 I love it in plaid!!

This one reminds me so much of the CBC symbol!!

Bonnie and Camille look fabulous in this quilt

Charlene finished a Christmas gift also 
 even quilted it herself!!

Terry cut, sewed AND quilted up our quilt 

for Stars Air Ambulance Auction

 in March, 2019.

It looks amazing!!

Her quilting looks like lariats!!

Thank you to Sask Lotto and Torquay Recreation
the grant to help us with this project!!

This has been our charity for five years now 
usually brings around 3000$ for Air Ambulance
helps all people in Saskatchewan!!

I will try to get over here more often to post...

Key word.....TRY

Christa for the Block Party Guild