Tuesday, March 07, 2017

2017 Stars Quilt

This year, we donated a quilt that was started by Shelley Baldwin.

It was so cute
 she didn't get time to finish it before she passed away.

Her legacy continues.

Mom and Me

Jane Marcotte finishing the animals

Terry Whitman quilted it.....

It was donated to the Ashworth Bull Sale

to be auctioned with donations
 going to
 STARS Air Ambulance

Thank so much to Bohrson Marketing for their continued support!!

They paid 1600$
 this is the second quilt they have purchased at this sale!!

The Block Party Guild

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Well Oiled Machine

We haven't had a full crew at quilting till today

With such great weather,

Someone is always doing something 

That's what happens when you're a bunch of farm wives! 

Today we were only missing a couple
we decided to start a donation quilt

This was a snowball quilt from Missouri Star. 

We started at 9 am

Stopped for an hour lunch
By 2pm that quilt was ready for the long arm 

Even a label and binding were prepped!!

We could have made two!!!

Great job, everyone!!

for the Block Party