Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remember to Breathe...

Tracey has been super busy with family, hockey and preparing for her cruise.

So I thought I would just 'host'(or hostage) a post for her!!

This was from a fortune cookie I had recently...

It was definitely meant for Tracey!!

Three rules for cruising....

1 - Soak up ALL the sun.

2 - Enjoy every minute of the pampering and delicious food

and most importantly....

3 - Remember to BREATHE!!

 You're going to LOVE it!!

Will see you all at Guild tomorrow!!!

tiptoeing through Tracey's blog...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

On a Wing and a Prayer...

Don't you love it when you get a little message from God?  I started my Stars for a New Day ("Stars" for short from now on) and thought, "I am in over my head on this one!"  I started to cut my fabric and on one of the selvedges was A Wing and a Prayer Designs.  And that was my message that it was all going to be good!

Feathered Star finished at 15.5 inches square
I have finished Month 1 in my Stars quilt.  Thanks to Terry for getting me started on paper-piecing again.  The feather tips finish at 1 inch square, so it is pretty small, but I love the end result.  I'm excited to start Month 2.

Colleen helped me with this

It is a cotton dress for my daughter for a family cruise we are going on this winter.  It was Colleen's pattern, fabric, thread and zipper.  I still have to hem the bottom and attach the straps onto the back of the dress.  Thanks for everything, Colleen. 

Friday, November 02, 2012

Thursday's Guild Meeting

Our guild had a few quilts for show and tell yesterday at our guild meeting.  (We call it a guild meeting, but that phrase does not really accurately portray our time together!  We definitely aren't formal enough to call it a "Meeting.")  Here are some of what our girls did in the past little bit. 

Christa's Row Robin
Christa's Bounce
Charlene's snowmen placemats

Charlene's Baby Sampler.  The alphabet is cross-stitched!

Jane's crazy quilt


Hand painted lady
Great job, Girls.