Sunday, June 08, 2014

An Extra Quilting Day

We called a 'spur of the moment/rain day/therapy' meeting at Guild this week
We thought we would sew
we just chatted for FIVE hours.
WE really are all friends and miss each other so any excuse to come together.... we take it!!
There was a bit of show and tell...
Like Colleen's 'E is for Emily' Quilt

Jane has been a busy girl..
Leaves Quilt...

using scraps from her mom's stash....

and this huge work of art...

Based on this 'pattern' straight out of Jane's head!!

Her poppies turned out amazing!!

Flowing out into the borders...

 But there is one dilemma!!
Jane has run out of this fabric....

I think there could be a small finder's fee if anyone has some they are willing to part with!!
She is only short about THREE YARDS!!
Till the next rain day..
(for the Block Party)