Friday, December 07, 2012

When the Cat's Away...


It's the mouse again(Christa)!

Tracey's headed for the high seas!!

I thought I would tease you with a little update from yesterday's quilting...

Narrie Halverson has been working on a quiet book.

Each side of the page is filled with exploration!!

A little 'roo' in the pouch....

Buckles, Zippers,Buttons..

Animal finger puppets in the barn....

Too cute!! Great job, Narrie!!

We also received this donation of a Grandmother's Flower Garden top
 from a lady who has entirely hand pieced it.

(I think it's time for an iphone.. this BB camera sucks!!)
We think it is only fitting to have it hand quilted.

That was alot of work in this top!!

Then... just out of the 'blue'....

Jane Marcotte comes out with this little number!!

Jane says...oh .... did I show you this?

When was she working on that???

JUUUSSST some old shirts and a pair of her pants!!

Jane is our 'artist in residence'.

She takes nothing and makes a miracle!!

The blue was her 'pants' I can see if it was a pair of mine...but her little butt??

Terry Whitman finished my Winter Wonderland

Just in time to hang for the festive season!!

As per Terry's usual style.....incredible quilting!!

Little snow swirls all over the place.....

Snowflakes of all kinds....

Big and small...

And stars in the sky!!

Thanks again, Terry!! 

The Cat (namely Tracey)will be back in a week

This mouse is out of her house!!

 < :3 )~   x -  x -  x - x -  x 

Ps. I've never known a mouse that didn't  leave tracks!!

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