Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Especially for Narrie

Narrie told me that she's "patiently" waiting for my next round of Farmer's Wife blocks, so this post is for you, Narrie!  I am up to 48 blocks finished and I've so far resisted the strong urge to lay out all of my blocks to see what they look like together in a group.  I'd like to wait until I am done sewing all 99 of the blocks, but we will see if that happens!!
Rouge, sunshine and a blue pitcher

"Even Ava"  she was designed with only 2 purple middle triangles.  I sewed on four.

I ripped Martha apart 3 times

I tried to use "Autumn" colors
Feeling blue and rosebushes

So far my favourite colour combo
So far Bride is my favorite block to sew in the collection.

My least favorite fabric by far is this orange mess!

Does Grandmother need a handle?

Nancy with my own color placement
Georgia using fireplace colors

For many of these blocks, I used the accompanying block letter for my colour choices.  My paper piecing skills are getting better with each and every block which is a good thing because the upcoming blocks get a lot more complex than these ones.  See, Colleen, I do use more fabrics than that green one!!  I must have one more block photo to add, but I can't seem to figure out which one I am missing.

We had guild last week and we had two nearly finished quilts to show.

Maryann's quick curve

Theresa's Jacob's Ladder quilt that she still needs to add borders to

Here is my stack of 46 FW blocks.  I think it looks more like 15!
Question:  What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?  Dad told me not to "fight life" but learn to work with life.  He does it much, much better than I ever hope to!