Friday, May 22, 2015


I have picked Shiloh by Red Crinoline Quilts for my next project. They have beautiful, historical patterns and are one of my favorite pattern companies.

I am using my Ladies' Album bundle for Shiloh and it will be a sister quilt to Birdseye.

Shiloh is all cut and I have a bit of sewing done on it, but not enough worth showing yet!  I've loved this fabric since the minute I got it in the mail.

See our dog trails in our grass?
I wanted to share my gardening photos.  We built a house four and a half years ago and we are at the stage now that we can add some plants to the front of our house.  We put the planters in last year and this year I can add these shrubs.  I also got to cut grass for the first time in almost six years on Monday.  It was a happy, happy day!  Each step makes this house we put in an open field feel like our home.  I'm so very grateful for what we have been able to create here at our farm.
Some of our guild girls are at the Ricky Timms seminar out in Peace Gardens, Manitoba.  I hear that the seminar is going well thus far.  Have fun, Girls!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Inspiration, a finish and addiction!

I will start my post with some inspiration from the gorgeous Estevan Quilt Show.  Here are a few photos of some of my favorites.

Guild member Christa had her batting and backing business at the show

Another guild member Terry was the show feature quilter.  I wish I had taken her picture in front of her display.
In regards to my own projects, I got the final borders added to Sherman's March.  This is the finish from the post title.
Terry is working her magic on this quilt as I write this.  I can't hardly wait to see what she does with this quilt.

The "addiction" from the title was the Sultry Quilt Pattern. (It also took me a week to finish this post so the title should read Two Finishes!!)  I have added the link for this addictive and free quilt pattern.  This quilt was so fun and easy, that I didn't want to stop adding more rows on the braids.  I used a Pacific Bali Pop plus some additional batik yardage for the borders.

And after hardly any time at all, I had this

Trim those up and add two borders.  This is the final quilt.  I made the outer border larger as I had the extra fabric and the quilt finishes at 72 square.
This pattern is perfect if you are looking for a quick & easy yet beautiful quilt.  Thanks, Lori, for introducing me to this pattern.  It is one I will make again one day.

Here is one last photo taken on Mothers Day.  It is of me, my mom and my daughter.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Its a Wrap

Another year of guild has flown by.  What would us girls do without our fabulous little group?  Here are a couple photos from yesterday.
Colleen's pillowcase and quilt for her grandson.

Vernelle was putting together a keepsake quilt of her Mom's handwork.
Theresa got her Hunter Star rows together.  Now she needs to add her borders.  Stunning!
Colleen's embroidered Christmas stocking
Fabric balls and basket made by Irene
Teacups gifted from Irene
These above two photos are of two gifts from Irene Roy.  Irene is a gifted artist and phenomenal quilter. Thanks so much, Irene.  We promise to put the tea cups to good use!  Christa took off with her cup before I took a photo of all three mugs.

In this past month or so, I was able to finish (almost finish) two quilts I have been working on.  The first is a Red Crinoline quilt called Sherman's March.  It is made entirely of 3 Sisters Fabrics from several different lines.

These are the 49 stars that go into Sherman's march.  I started the cutting for these in January.  After making the almost 9 patches that are in the corners of the stars, I made red and beige star pieces and  then made each star one at a time.  It was slower sewing, but it was nice to go into my sewing room for 20 minutes and have something to show for it at the end of those 20 minutes.
The layout
The final two borders
I'm waiting on a new border fabric as the one I had initially bought wasn't quite right for the quilt.  It should be here today. I can hardly wait to see what this quilt will look like once Terry does her quilting magic on it!  While I was finishing up Sherman's March, On a Jelly Roll was thrown into the corner after Terry finished quilting it.  Literally!
Poor thing!  Tossed aside!!
Terry's quilting
Camille's finished quilt
I used yesterday's time at guild to start on an easy braid quilt made with a Bali pop and some additional yardage.

My questions seem to MIA.  Maybe next time I will have one to post.