Monday, January 26, 2015

A bag and the start of a new quilt

It's funny how a New Years goal can go down the tubes in a matter of a few days.  I had wanted to sew everyday, even if was just a couple seams or a few minutes.  That's not happening for me, but I'm determined to improve on that goal.  I did finish my first ever tote bag for my daughters piano books.
Thank you, Colleen, for lending me your American Patchwork & Quilting magazine for this pattern.

I have figured out why I don't sew everyday, other than the fact that I have four kids and we spend a lot of time at the rink this time of year.  Its that I don't like to cut the fabric as much as I like to sew it back together again!  So, its a challenge to get me to my sewing room if I'm not sewing.  I started this new pattern
and here is all but the two border pieces, cut and ready to sew.  I'll be making it a bit bigger at 93x93.
I've switched up the colors in the quilt.  Dark brown fabric strips shown on the right above, will replace the red in the pattern and the red fabric will replace the black in the pattern.  The beige will stay the same.  One method that I use that really speeds up my cutting time, is stack cutting like this
This is great for saving time, but really bad when you make a cutting mistake!  Measure twice, cut once.  And, yes, I have cut wrong before doing this.  :-)  I am working on the 196 "almost 9-patches" needed for the "trail"  that connects the stars.

We have guild this Thursday, but I'll be at work.  We will have to depend on Christa for some show and tell photos.  Hint, hint!!!

And the Question of the day is:  How have you changed in the last five years?  Good is that I'm learning to trust myself and my instincts more and more each day.  Bad is that I'm becoming less tolerant as I get older and I didn't have a whole bunch to start with!  Have a great week!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Narrie's Quilt

Our guild met today and what a refreshing, beautiful day it was.  We all love our quilting days and the respite that they give us.  I have only one quilt for show and tell today and it is a beautiful one.
Narrie bought these fabrics at Pheasant Fabrics in Crosby, ND, our nearest LQS even though its in a different country.  That border is incredible.  Great job, Narrie.
I tried to take a close-up photo of her hand quilting, but quilting is always so hard to capture.

Question of the day:  What is your greatest challenge?  Where do I start?  I'd say that one would be the fact that I second guess myself way too often and another would be that I get angry too fast, too often.  A third would be that I like many things a certain way.  Enough said.  Yes, I'm working on these in 2015!!  I've heard many times that quilting breeds patience and reduces stress.  Perfect!!!