Sunday, August 31, 2014

Enders and Leaders

Two years ago I organized my 10 years of scraps into colours and then put them into storage bags.  I have kept every usable size of scrap since I started quilting and the ever increasing tub of scraps was weighing on me.  I wanted to use them, but I couldn't decide what to use them in.  I had various tones and themes of fabrics which made picking a pattern even harder for me.  I didn't have enough of one style of fabric to make a whole quilt with.

I loved Bonnie Hunter's idea of enders and leaders.  I chain piece whenever I can, so her idea of sewing on a quilt instead of a scrap piece of fabric made perfect sense to me.  I have followed her lead and decided to dive into my tote of scraps and take them from this

and this

to this

It took me three days of cutting to get through my scraps.  My plan from here was simple.  I stacked even piles of the same colour, one half getting sewn into half square triangles in order and the other half getting thrown into a storage tub for random selection pairing.  Yep, thirties are getting paired with brights and civil war fabrics are being paired with bright greens and such!  My only sort of rule is that one has to be darker than the other.  A red can be a light one time and a dark the next.  And I'm even breaking my cardinal rule and I'm mixing batiks and prints!!(just for you, Christa).  I've more than once reached into the random basket because the fabrics looks horrendous together, but I've made myself comply to the rule "Anything Goes"!!  I also left out almost all of my light fabrics such as whites and creams.
My first pinwheel
All of my scraps were first cut into 2.5 inch squares and then cut in half diagonally.  The half square triangles finish at 2 inches and the pinwheels will finish at 3 inches.  The main reason that I chose half square triangles was because I kept 12 years worth of triangles cut from my binding strips.  I really wanted to use these as I had a ton.  Time will tell if this will be a HUGE waste of time, but it was really fun to reminisce through my old fabric.  I remember almost every fabric and the quilt it was sewn into.  So why can't I remember what I made for supper last night?!?  Its all priorities, heh.
My first five pinwheels
As of today, I have hundreds if not thousands of triangles to use as enders and leaders.
All paired up

Waiting to be paired (and my "random tub" isn't quite so random!  Baby steps for me.)
Happy sewing to you!  For me its back to my Birdseye quilt made with Ladies Album fabrics.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friendship and Support

Our guild girls rallied together and made a Memory Quilt for Charlene.  She lost her husband and son in a plane crash last Father's Day.
Assembling the photos

Laying out the Nine Patches
Colleen found a great free pattern online.  It is called Durhamshire by Lecien Fabrics.  This was a perfect jelly roll pattern and we ordered Snowbird Batiks designed by Laundry Basket Quilts from Hamels Fabrics.

While Charlene was away, we got together and sewed this up for her.

The pattern didn't call for the piano key border, but we had enough fabric left to make it.  I don't think that you can go wrong with a piano key border.  We also made the quilt two rows wider and two rows longer making it a large throw quilt.

And finally, here is Charlene with her quilt.
It's nice to be able to pull together as a group to do something for a hurting friend.  We love you, Charlene!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Live Loudly

Trying to find fabric to make a ten year old boy a quilt is easier said than done!  Four fabric stores later trying to find 14 fat quarters and almost all of the fat quarters I bought had polka dots on them!  I made Live Loudly for the first time three years ago for my own son.  Instead of trying to find a quilt pattern again, I went with this one.
Zach's Live Loudly Quilt
Its an easy, peasey pattern and perfect for a boy if you get the right colours.

This time around, I wanted to go with red, black and white.  That wasn't looking quite right to me, so I added in shades of grey as well.
Sewing my strips

Sashings and first border finished
and finally
This quilt will be going down to Iowa, USA.  And I was beyond thrilled to find the red, white and black Canadian flag.  Like I mentioned before, this pattern called for 14 fat quarters.  I ended up buying 19 to diversify the colours and patterns.  So with my left overs, I had enough to make a matching baby quilt for his baby brother.

Crappy color in this photo
I started to cut the scraps in lengths of 4.5, 6.5 and 8.5 and widths from 2 inches up to 4.5 inches.  After cutting, arranging and sewing this quilt together, I ended up with five or so of the 4.5 inch pieces and 1 of the 6.5 inch pieces left over. Perfect!  I have to add a border now and I am having trouble deciding what colour to go with.  Maybe a thin black first border and a thicker red second border.  Of course, I'll need so hunt down more fabric!

Today we have a special lunch with a fellow guild member.  More on that next time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miss Lacie's Promise...

is a pattern designed by Border Creek Station in Ontario, Canada.  I made it for my aunt and uncle in trade for stained glass that they made for my new house.

The trade was this above for this (plus another two that I haven't shown)

Fellow guild member Terry did a gorgeous job on the quilting

Its now onto a new pattern with this gorgeous fabric

Ladies' Album by Barbara Brackman
It's all cut and ready to be sewn into Birds Eye by Miss Rosie.  Its a quilt that I have wanted to make for a couple of years now.

And lastly, I was able to attend an art show tour and see the wonderfully talented and inspirational work of Irene Roy.

Every surface in Irene's house was covered with one of her beautiful gems.

I loved this Dresden Fan

Irene's basement

Irene's living room

And my very favourite
I didn't take photos of all her quilts.  It was such an inspiring exhibit.  Thank you, Irene.

Our guild has again set our day to quilt as Thursday.  I've updated our calendar so all quilting days as well as our retreat is listed here for the year.