Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sort of like quilting...

but not quite.  Here is my new kitchen transom that my aunt and uncle made for my kitchen.

It is so gorgeous!  Christa you can appreciate the work and time involved in this piece.  It is about 14 inches tall by almost 8 feet long.  What a treasure to have for the rest of my life.

Installing the glass

And finally, here is Emma with Terry and Heather, the craftsmen of the piece.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It looked good on paper, but...

in reality it was a fail.  First attempt at my own New York Beauty design looked like this

I need a "Y" seam to get that orange piece in.  What if I change the angle on the black piece?

Same results.  I can't add the orange piece.  I end up having to sew two seams on the orange and I just can't figure that out.  I guess that you don't know if you don't try.

I'm pretty sure...

that it could be another "Rain Day" for the Block Party!!!

What do you girls think?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Block 4

is finished.  I got them done this morning.  These are blocks 43 through 49.

Here is my stack of 49 finished New York Beauty blocks.

When I saw the collection of New York beauty blocks from Sew Sweetness, I wanted to design one of my own (probably this block is already designed).  So I took Block 0 and my protractor and added a smaller point in between the larger points and came up with this

I don't know if the placement is correct after I added piece 1, 5, 9, 13 and 17or if this block can be made as I have drawn it.  I haven't yet made this block, but I'll keep you posted.  Do you think my block will work?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Remember our "Rain Day" guild meeting?

Here are the photos taken from that day.  First is Chris with her stunning embroidered table topper.

Everything about this quilt was beautiful and perfect...the fabrics, the stitching, the thread color.  Wow.  Chris and Colleen bought this pattern in Chicago and to the best of my knowledge it is a machine embroidery pattern.  Sorry I am a little weak in my knowledge in this method, but I do know it was BEAUTIFUL!  We are now all waiting on Colleen to show us her version!  Get goin', Girl!!!

This is what Colleen has been "goin'" on.

His and Hers "Hopscotch" lap quilts.  And she worked on the borders for her Thirties nickel quilt

So pretty, Colleen.

Here is Charlene with her original cat quilt

Charlene had one of the tails backwards.  I think that we should vote on whether or not she will flip the tail around.  We told her to leave it.  Can you see it?  And her Snowman wall hanging is finished.  Lookin' good, Charlene.

Thanks, Theresa for stepping up and taking these photos. One last thing, take a look at Kimberly's posts from Spring Quilt Market here.  Just to show you all what we are missing there.  Be forewarned,  you may need a drool towel.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's been a while...

But I finally got to sew last night and this morning.  I finished my Block 1s.

These blocks bring my total to 42 finished blocks.  I have them all laid out on my floor and it sure feels like a lot more sewing than they look!

Christa wanted an update on our trees.  So here it is...

Nope, no leaves on these trees yet, but our poplars on the other hand

are fully leafed out, but not yet planted.  Backwards, huh??

One day I looked out the living room window and saw swans.  No, not swans, but pelicans.  Never did I think that we would have pelicans living in our backyard.  First we had a flock of seven, then they invited their extended family and I counted at least thirty birds.

We also have geese in our back yard.

These momma geese finally saw their babies on Tuesday.  It really is interesting watching them teach their goslings how to swim.  We have two yellow labs, and during the nesting season, the geese let the dogs come within twenty feet of their nests.  I never saw the dogs any nearer than that.   The geese never made a fuss at the dogs, which really surprised me.  I think our dogs must have known that if they messed with Momma Goose or her eggs, they were gonna lose.
One day old goslings
and finally a picture of our own little piece of paradise...

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Rain Day...

A few members of our guild were able to get together yesterday for an impromptu "rain day".  I think that most of us would rather have been at home getting some farm work done (we need fabric money :-), but we tried to make the most of a wet situation!!!  When I got to guild, there was literally a pile of quilts ready for their photo op.  And the photographer forgot her camera.  What the heck??  I am really hanging my head in shame.  So Theresa took some pictures and will email them to me when her email gets up and running again and I will get them on the blog.  All I have to show for yesterday is my own six New York Beauty blocks.

Block 2
This brings my completed blocks to 37.  I laid my blocks out last night to see the size of 37 blocks and came to the realization that 70 blocks won't be enough.  I'm now thinkin' that I'll need maybe 80 or even 90.  Wow is all I can say to that!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Christa says...

that I need to update the blog because the flood pictures are too depressing.  Well, Christa, it's hard to update my quilting blog if I haven't been sewing!  When was the last time that I sewed anyway?

This is the first of one hundred trees that we planted on Tuesday.  It was a long, long day,  but so worth the effort.
My  husband, my boys and a friend
I did get to machine this morning and finished by block 3s.  Don't these look good?

I kinda wanted to keep the pins in.  I decided to go back to pinning my arcs again instead of using the Curve Master foot.  I think maybe the multiple seams in these blocks make the fabric too stiff to co-operate with the Curve Master foot.  Or I needed a bit more practice!!??  But I will use that foot one day.  Here the blocks are done

The Sew Sweetness New York Beauty QAL is on their ninth block.  This means that according to my self-imposed schedule, I should be done 63 blocks (9 x 7).  I have 31 blocks done including these.  Only 32 blocks behind.  Maybe I can catch up tomorrow!!!
Christa, this picture is for you.  It is our front yard this afternoon.  Sorta looks like last year, heh!!!