Monday, June 17, 2019

Another Successful Quilt Show

Once again,
 our little group put on a Sunday Afternoon Special!!

Top - Terry Whitman, Colleen Marcotte, Christa Marcotte, Marianna Wick, Jane Marcotte, Christine Marcotte, Heather Piermantier
Front - Charlene Wimmer, Theresa Stepp and Lori Loewen

It always amazes us, 

what we manage to do at each quilt show!

We actually had two hours to kill before show time this year!

We were honoured that we were the first show for Angela Denys!

She started her own pop - up shop of quilting goodies!!

She calls it Gypsy Soul Fabrics

You can find her on Facebook and IG!

But give her some time...

She was scheduled for gall bladder surgery the day after our show...

She's recovering nicely!

Justin 'manned' my booth for me!!

He has years of Farmer's Market experience 
is much better at it than me anyways!!

There was quite a shopping frenzy after the show!

Thank you to our other Torquay Talents!

We would like to thank Fadiah of Something Sweet By Fadiah

Her cookies and cakes were stunning!!

We also featured Lauren Daae of Little Doe Designs

Lauren's paintings are incredible!!

Be sure to check out both of their works online!!

The show went off with out a hitch.

I think everyone enjoyed the stories behind our quilts.

EVERY quilt had a story if you take the time to listen!

Tea and dainties...

were served...

Lots of visiting was had!!

We even had a Photo booth set up outside in front of a quilt!

If you took any pics please share with the following hashtags




We had amazing door prizes! 

This was one of my favorites!

It was donated by Brenda Gibbs of Quilt Designs in the Yard

Thank you so much for all those who donated to our prizes!!

Thank you to all the Block Party Quilters...
Incredible job again!

Thank you to Heart and Hands Guild for their kind thank you card.

So glad you enjoyed!


Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Block Party Quilt Show

We would like to announce that we will be putting on a quilt show!!

Our poster was made with one of Terry Whitman's quilt photos!

It will be a fun filled day of quilts that mark moments of our lives.

From birth to your last breath....

And everything in between!!

We plan on having a couple of vendors for your shopping enjoyment!

Come join us for a Sunday tea party after the show!!

(for the Block Party Guild)
Thanks to Tressa Whitman for making our posters!