Friday, January 08, 2016

Back to Farmer's Wife

After Christmas I got back down to the business of my Farmer's Wife quilt along.  Christa and I are part of a world wide group of quilters joining Australian Angie of Gnome Angel for this quilt and I am using Kim Diehl fabrics from four different lines.  I have finished 2 blocks before Christmas and 10 blocks since the end of December and here they are
I messed up Golda's colour placement
Altered Carolina
Altered Flora
I love Sonnie's tiny pieces
Altered Heather
These blocks take a ton of time to make from choosing the fabrics to cutting out the papers to sewing and ironing the blocks.  For me, the process and the end result is more than worth it!  There is a huge amount of personal satisfaction that comes with each and every block.  I have 15 more blocks to finish before I will lay them all out.

Question:  What are your favourite simple pleasures?  Besides quilting, I'd say reading, coffee, exercising and my church.  Yep, I live on the wild side.


  1. Very pretty blocks. Simple pleasures - a good cup of tea served prettily and shared with people I enjoy being with. I too am a wild one. ;)

  2. whoa Nellie - I just got my book out & counted the pieces in that block and there's 50 and Primrose has 53... you're not kidding when you say "they take a ton of time"
    I do understand though how you find it so satisfying. Your quilt is going to be spectacular.
    I like your list of simple pleasures I would add casual get togethers with friends - I'm not one for large group gatherings.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous! So perfect and precise and love those Diehl fabrics! My simple pleasures are flavoured coffees and watching Downton Abbey!

  4. These are all great . My favorite is Caroline - she is stunning!