Friday, January 22, 2016

Guild January 21

We had some guests come for a visit yesterday.  Some members of the Estevan Heart and Hands Guild drove out and brought with them some beautiful show and tell.  I can't promise that all my info will be correct!!  Too much to remember, but I'll give it my best shot!
Maria's Sewing machine applique work
Star Labyrinth
May's Labyrinth Walk
Nancy's Elevator Wallhanging
Lumberyard.  What a great scrap quilt
Eileen's Lumberyard in progress
Rose's Missouri Star pattern
Eileen makes one of everything!! lol
Ironing board accessory complete with pin cushion, garbage and storage pockets 
Terry's centre to her her spectacular Feathered Stars quilt
Colleen's Plus Quilt
Deb's French Braid
Hand quilting companionship!
Sorry in advance for any errors or omissions from yesterday's meeting, lots going on, but what a good day of visiting we had.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Back to Farmer's Wife

After Christmas I got back down to the business of my Farmer's Wife quilt along.  Christa and I are part of a world wide group of quilters joining Australian Angie of Gnome Angel for this quilt and I am using Kim Diehl fabrics from four different lines.  I have finished 2 blocks before Christmas and 10 blocks since the end of December and here they are
I messed up Golda's colour placement
Altered Carolina
Altered Flora
I love Sonnie's tiny pieces
Altered Heather
These blocks take a ton of time to make from choosing the fabrics to cutting out the papers to sewing and ironing the blocks.  For me, the process and the end result is more than worth it!  There is a huge amount of personal satisfaction that comes with each and every block.  I have 15 more blocks to finish before I will lay them all out.

Question:  What are your favourite simple pleasures?  Besides quilting, I'd say reading, coffee, exercising and my church.  Yep, I live on the wild side.

Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year

Before delving into the future, I need to go back to the past.  I had a couple gifts that I didn't show from our guild Christmas get together.
To Colleen from Maryann.  These were incredibly cute pot holders.
And finally, here is Charlene's gift to me.  Twenty five years ago, I used to babysit her four kids and now we are sewing together.  Oh how life changes!  I don't imagine Charlene ever thought that I would sew, let alone be in a guild together!!!  (its Char's gift photo that refuses to cooperate this post so I will try to add it again later today)

During the month of December, I took a break from my Farmer's Wife and did some Christmas sewing.  I couldn't post my sewing because they were all three gifts.  I found this free Happy Holidays table runner pattern on All People Quilt.
Kansas Troubles wasn't my first choice of colors for Lori, but it was all I had stash of!!
Colleen helped me make my final choices from my "largish" stash and since I was making one for her, too, I got really nervous when she said that she wouldn't have picked the pattern, but I hoped that she would like it in her colours.  Typically we have very similar taste.
Working out my colors

Adding the applique
Two made
Colleen's quilted by Terry
For Christmas, we surprised our boys with Minnesota Wild tickets and so I asked seasoned Minnesota shopper Lori which one store along the way would she pick to stop at.   Her answer came easily and she said "Gruber's".  So Gruber's it was.  Lori warned me that it might be a bit overwhelming, but when I pulled up to the store, it looked anything but overwhelming...until you step into the store and see whats in it and how deep the store goes into the building that houses it.  Honestly, incredible!  Wall after wall and shelf after shelf and sample after sample and display after display.  I'd guess that I took photos of half of their inventory!!  AND, they had all three of my favourite fabric and pattern designers.  Kansas Troubles, Laundry Basket and Kim Diehl.  When I paid for my fabric, the store owner said that she and I would never be able to go market together because we would spend way too much money.  LOL.  She said we have the same taste.
Christmas section
Entering the store
Kansas Troubles
Wool samples
Kim Diehl
Kaffe Fassett
Thirties and kids
Thank you, Lori for leading me to this fabulous store.

Do you do a word of the year?  I have in the past and usually forget about it six weeks into the new year.  This year  I choose the word "faith" for more than the obvious religious meaning.   Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a person or thing.  My pride gets in the way of my trusting others which has led to relationship breakdowns in my life.  So, faith first in God and faith in others is my goal for the year.

For this year, I want to finish my Farmers Wife quilt first and my Shiloh quilt second.  Thirdly, I want to get Aidan's Labyrinth quilt done.  I haven't made any decisions further than these.  I need to put more time into the planning of 2016, but I am sticking with my goal of at least 15 minutes of sewing whenever possible.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year filled with many, many hours of sewing!!