Sunday, December 20, 2015

Guild Christmas 2015

We had our annual guild Christmas get together this year at Maryann's beautiful house.  I have never in my life seen so many Christmas decorations...even the laundry room had decorations!!
We sat down to a fabulous meal and I'm sure we all had too much to eat.  So much good food on the table!
Here we are minus a few
Aside from the decorations and the food, the Secret Santa gift exchange was the highlight of the day. The gifts just get better and better each year!  I have one that I can't show yet, though.
For Marianna from Colleen
For Charlene from Lori

For Maryann from Chris
For Vernelle from Narrie
For Jane from Theresa
For Narrie from Christa
For Terry from Jane
Up close
For Theresa from Terry
One of the ornaments up close
For Chris from Vernelle
Wow!  How can anyone paint this small??
For Christa from Marianna
For Lori from Tracey
I have a few more gifts to share, hopefully soon.  Marianna is in the midst of chemo, so she couldn't be with us.   Get well soon!  Vernelle was busy cuddling her new born grandson and grand daughter.  Colleen was out west with her family at school Christmas concerts.  We missed you all.  I also forgot to take a photo of my secret santa gift, so I will include that next post as well.  Thank you to Maryann for hosting our Christmas dinner.  We have a great group of women!!  Merry Christmas to all.
Our dessert table with homemade cream puffs
Lori also made this zipper pouch for Charlene.  This photo would not go where I wanted it to go for whatever reason!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Guild Dec. 3, 2015

Its hard to believe that we only have one guild meeting left in 2015.  I wonder if I will ever be able to keep up with time??

We had a couple show and tell items from yesterday's meeting.  Narrie has been busy sewing Cabbage Patch clothes.   (By the time I got this posted, it isn't yesterday's meeting anymore.)

Lori brought this beautiful Border Creek Station Christmas quilt to show us
and Vernelle also finished her Ricky Timms quilt made from one piece of his hand dyed fabric

I've been sewing on a Christmas project, and I can't show it just yet, but I have made some progress on my Farmer's Wife blocks.  I am now done 58 of the 99.
Sara's colors are inspired from plum blossoms and lilacs
I vote that Magnolia should be renamed Rosebud!  Or at least Rosie!!
Purple mountains and rivers
Coffee, plums and joy
I had to incorporate some brown in Mrs. Brown

That's all for tonight.  A few of us guild girls are braving the bad exchange rates and heading south into Montana for some retail therapy.  It might be more girlfriend therapy than anything for this trip.  Who know?  The dollar might get worse and then we will feel like rock stars going down now.  On the other hand, if our dollar goes up............. ;-)