Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Farmer's Wife Update

I think I'm a bit addicted to these little 6.5 inch blocks!  According to the FW schedule, I am supposed to have 5 blocks done and so far I have finished 12.  With our upcoming quilt show in June 2016, Christa and I are hoping to have these quilts done for that.
Betty- the blue sections are out a quarter turn according to the pattern.  I decided to leave her as she is.
Patricia has my favorite color combo so far
Coral waiting to be sewn together.
Coral complete

The Dirty Dozen!  Sarah is on the bottom left with the green background.

Poor Shiloh, she has been stepped on and over for the past two weeks, but I got back to sewing her rows together last night.  My computer isn't cooperating with uploading the photo I took of her last night, but I have all her blocks sewn into rows and two long rows left to sew.  I also have most of the flying geese sewn and they will soon get sewn into a border.

I know Christa was sewing on her blocks last night, so I imagine she will have an update on her blocks soon.  We both agree that the book could have better instructions than it does.  I think this quilt would be really hard for a new quilter to tackle alone, but it's sure going to be gorgeous when it's done!

Happy Thanksgiving.  We have countless blessings here in Saskatchewan, Canada to be so very thankful for!


  1. It's amazing what you can get done once harvest is over - right? Very pretty (and different) blocks but I must say I am SO glad I did not join this sew along. My sewing room would have been such a MESS auditioning all those fabrics.

  2. pressure!! I agree this is not a beginner quilt!! I have never ripped so much on a 6 inch block!! There are definitely some mistakes in this book but we will persevere and it will be worth it!!