Tuesday, October 27, 2015


These next 8 blocks add up to 33 blocks completed of the 99 blocks required for  the complete Farmer's Wife quilt.
If you don't have anything nice to say...
Can you even tell what this block is without reading her title??
53 teeny pieces in a 6 inch block
I changed April's colour placement and now she is probably my favorite this far.
I made 5 mistakes while sewing Ann.  I had to put her away until the next morning!
Mrs. Taft's colours were inspired by her letter...a river, pine trees and strawberries
Crystal was tricky, but fun to make
Tiniest pieces yet
And since I started writing this post yesterday morning, I have one more to add to the list bringing my percentage finished to 34.34%.
What happened to my points?
I love the whole process to the Farmers Wife, though it can be frustrating.  I told Christa that a person needs some common sense to get some of these blocks sewn!  The instructions are minimal at best.  I am having an internal struggle whether to use rotary cutting and the templates or to try paper piecing the rest of the blocks.   I'm more comfortable with rotary, but PP will most likely be more accurate.  I should remake Cat with PP and that would be my answer.

Question:  What are the primary components of a happy life?  I'm not sure how many primary consists of, but a few of mine are faith, love, confidence, intuition, goals, hard work and play AKA quilting!  Guild is this Thursday, so maybe I'll have some show and tell to post.


  1. ohhhh, that 53 piece block makes my head hurt. You deserve some chocolate ;)

  2. When I quit at SGI i wrote 4 things I wanted my life to be....Simple, worryfree, Creative and Inspired. I think I have managed to turn things around to meet those goals!! Love your blocks! Tricky little suckers they are!!

  3. Your blocks look fantastic! Congratulations on being a third of the way done! How are you choosing which order to make the blocks in?