Saturday, October 31, 2015

Guild October 29, 2015

Char looks a little spoiled, heh?
We had a special lunch at guild celebrating Charlene's 60th birthday and what a feast we had!  I'd say we can cook just as good as we can sew!!  LOL
Chris made this beautiful veggie bouquet.  So very talented!!
A few of our girls took a class in Weyburn from Sandy Cooke.  They made these table runners with the Quick Curve ruler.
Lori's Winterberry
Colleen's French General
Charlene's yellow and brown
Jane made this fall themed quilt
Lori made a Kaffe Fasset pillow
Vernelle took a class in Moosomin to make a Ricky Timms quilt.
Colleen had two table runners to show
Sandy Gervais
Kansas Troubles pumpkins
Maryann is working on her Hawaiian needle turn wall hanging.  She was able to catch part of a class while she was visiting Maui last year.
Terry has been working on a gorgeous feathered star quilt during our guild meetings
And finally, Charlene was working on a Christmas table topper.
Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on at our guild.  We get to meet again this Thursday, as we had an extra day in October because of the three Thursdays in the month.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


These next 8 blocks add up to 33 blocks completed of the 99 blocks required for  the complete Farmer's Wife quilt.
If you don't have anything nice to say...
Can you even tell what this block is without reading her title??
53 teeny pieces in a 6 inch block
I changed April's colour placement and now she is probably my favorite this far.
I made 5 mistakes while sewing Ann.  I had to put her away until the next morning!
Mrs. Taft's colours were inspired by her letter...a river, pine trees and strawberries
Crystal was tricky, but fun to make
Tiniest pieces yet
And since I started writing this post yesterday morning, I have one more to add to the list bringing my percentage finished to 34.34%.
What happened to my points?
I love the whole process to the Farmers Wife, though it can be frustrating.  I told Christa that a person needs some common sense to get some of these blocks sewn!  The instructions are minimal at best.  I am having an internal struggle whether to use rotary cutting and the templates or to try paper piecing the rest of the blocks.   I'm more comfortable with rotary, but PP will most likely be more accurate.  I should remake Cat with PP and that would be my answer.

Question:  What are the primary components of a happy life?  I'm not sure how many primary consists of, but a few of mine are faith, love, confidence, intuition, goals, hard work and play AKA quilting!  Guild is this Thursday, so maybe I'll have some show and tell to post.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My next 13 blocks

I've done quite well in my commitment to sewing everyday.  I'm at 18 days out of 20 for this month and does it ever feel good!  I'm very blessed to be able to stay at home and not work off the farm (I work two months a year at our local post office) or else I don't know when I would ever have time to sew.  So, I dedicate these Farmer's Wife blocks to my farmer husband!!
Margaret and Milly 
Lola has beautiful colours
Belle was tricky to put together
Nan's letter in the book is really nice 
Susannah's colours are gorgeous!
Old Maid was harder to put together than she looks
Anne is a beauty
I worked this past week and I had some extra time at work to get a few templates cut out and organized into baggies so that I can sew later on at home.  It speeds up my sewing process at home.  This sew along has an accompanying Facebook page where we can see others blocks and fabric choices.  Its especially neat seeing all the different fabrics that are being used and there are some fabulous quilters who are sewing along.  Its a lot of fun!!

Question:  What are you looking forward to?  I'm going with a selfish answer and saying that I'm looking forward to traveling.  My list of places I want to see is long and I need to get going!  Have a great day.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Farmer's Wife Update

I think I'm a bit addicted to these little 6.5 inch blocks!  According to the FW schedule, I am supposed to have 5 blocks done and so far I have finished 12.  With our upcoming quilt show in June 2016, Christa and I are hoping to have these quilts done for that.
Betty- the blue sections are out a quarter turn according to the pattern.  I decided to leave her as she is.
Patricia has my favorite color combo so far
Coral waiting to be sewn together.
Coral complete

The Dirty Dozen!  Sarah is on the bottom left with the green background.

Poor Shiloh, she has been stepped on and over for the past two weeks, but I got back to sewing her rows together last night.  My computer isn't cooperating with uploading the photo I took of her last night, but I have all her blocks sewn into rows and two long rows left to sew.  I also have most of the flying geese sewn and they will soon get sewn into a border.

I know Christa was sewing on her blocks last night, so I imagine she will have an update on her blocks soon.  We both agree that the book could have better instructions than it does.  I think this quilt would be really hard for a new quilter to tackle alone, but it's sure going to be gorgeous when it's done!

Happy Thanksgiving.  We have countless blessings here in Saskatchewan, Canada to be so very thankful for!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Visitors and a show and tell

First things first!  We had a wonderful group of ladies from the Estevan guild come out for a coffee and conversation at yesterday's guild and of course we got a bit of a show and tell, too.  Here are the photos from yesterday.  I was diligent in taking photos during the show and tell, but then forgot to take some photos at the end of the day.  My apologies for that.
Lil's Up Square, Down Square

Lil's Jewel Box
Vernelle's Stack and Whack
This is Nancy's stunning fall quilt.   Just gorgeous!
Theresa's beautifully quilted Hunter Star.  Great job as usual, Terry!
Eleanor's quilt for her grandson that she and Eileen made in her camper
Lori's Bargello quilt
Terry's stunning quilting
I'm not sure if I should give Eleanor or Eileen credit for this!!!  ;-)
Charlene's wallhanging
Charlene's handwork project is getting close to being done
Colleen's Christmas challenge
Colleen's Kansas Troubles Table runners
Eleanor's table runner.  Maybe Eileen's.  They look a lot alike!!
Eleanor's John Deere place mats
Christa's Christmas challenge
Estevan ladies sewing the binding onto their United Way charity quilt
and finally, this is my fourth Farmer's Wife block named Aunt.  Thanks, Heart and Hand's girls for coming and sharing our morning with us.  The only thing missing was Irene.  We miss you, Irene!  You were definitely mentioned several times yesterday.  Two things!  I forgot to take a photo of Estevan's charity quilt.  Jeepers.

Question:  What is your greatest skill?  I'll have to check with Colleen on this one.  Pinning fabric, perhaps?  HA HA!