Monday, September 21, 2015

September 17 Guild

I don't have a whole lot to share from last weeks guild, but here it is anyhow!
This is Lori's stunning bargello that she has made for a friend.  I think we were all mesmerized with this quilt and the gorgeous color choices that Lori made.  I was taking photos of this quilt and Christa was sneaking away from the quilt as if to say, "You are NOT getting me in these photos!"  Right, Christa?!?!  LOL
Christa and Colleen are doing a Christmas fabric challenge from Quilters Haven in Moose Jaw.  The above photo is Colleen's work in progress.  It is so super cute and I can't wait to see it done.

I forgot to take a photo of my guild project fabrics before I started cutting, but are they gorgeous.  I picked Kim Diehl fabrics from four different lines and the pattern is Jellystone by Miss Rosie.  I'll take photos next guild.  One last thing from guild is we had some grant money to spend and we followed Jenny Doan from Missouri Star and bought an Oliso self raising iron from Purpleberri Boutique.  This iron is proving to be a huge improvement over our last cheap ones.  We have money to buy one more decent iron, but it's on backorder for now.

At home, I've been able to sew a half hour or more for almost a week now!  I've made some progress on my Red Crinoline "Shiloh" quilt made from Ladies Album fabric designed by Barbara Brackman.
Paired up and waiting to be sewn into stars

Four stars finished, 21 left

This is my third Red Crinoline quilt that I have made and I have the patterns for three or four more.  The first three have followed the same method of seems like you sew and sew these smaller pieces and units without an end in sight, and then SNAP, the blocks go together so quickly and this is where its hard to stop sewing because you can finally see progress!  The trimming for each individual unit does take time, though, but when the blocks end up like they are for me, its so worth it!  I love piecing Red Crinoline quilts!  I have 21 blocks left to sew up followed by a flying geese border, which I'm assuming will take some time to assemble.  I'm excited to see this quilt come together!

I have reprinted my lost 365 questions and I've guessed at where I had left off before I lost my last set and here is the question of the day:  If I could grant you one wish what would you wish for?  This is an easy one for me and my answer is wisdom.  I think we all could use at least a little bit more wisdom!

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  1. Can't wait to spend a full day at quilting! Colleens challenge is adorable!!