Friday, September 04, 2015

Harvest 2015

Another summer has yet again flown by.  I'm starting to think that even though I set a goal every summer to sew each and everyday for at least 15 minutes, I'm just not a summer sewer.  Is that even a real word?  Anyway, I logged four pitiful days of sewing since the end of May.  But I plan to make up for my slow summer in these next eight months!!

Kids are back in school and I have my house back!  I love my kids, but that arguing!  
Our oldest started college this week and I'm pretty sure that I can see the starlings of a mustache on the second boy!  Where does the time go?

Harvest is going well and we are trying now to beat some rain that is in the forecast.  I took this photo on some of our rented land.
It's just so pretty.

We had our first guild meeting this morning and spent a few hours hashing out grants, quilt show possibilities and other such logistics for the year.  And just a touch of show and tell.  This black and green stunner is made by Theresa.  She is definitely a natural quilter as she hasn't sewn a lot YET.

Colleen made these eye glass cases.  The quilting is especially cute on them.

And Colleen also made me this Kansas Troubles mug rug for my sewing table that I have downstairs.  I promise that I will use it, Colleen!  Thank you very much!

I have my blue batik quilt bound and ready to give away in a couple weeks.  

And I made a set of pillowcases for my niece.  I should have kept track of how many sets of these pillowcases I have made.  I follow a simple and easy to follow youtube tutorial from The Crafty Gemini to make them.

Finally on another subject, Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away a few days ago.  He was an amazing man and he filmed many educational fundraiser seminars for PBS. He taught how to live a life intentionally and with purpose.  Here is a quote of his that I came across yesterday
Well said, Dr. Dyer.

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  1. I agree with Dr. Dyer!! Let the quilting begin.....See you at lunch!!