Monday, March 23, 2015

Minot Quilt Festival

This past weekend, a few of us guild girls headed south to Minot, ND for their quilt festival.  Christa talked about it on her blog already this morning and I am going to share a few of my favorite quilts from the show.
"Eldon"  designed by Laundry Basket quilts
I've admired this quilt for a couple years now.  This particular quilt took Best Of Show and inspired me to finally buy the pattern.

These next four quilts are minis.  They were extraordinary.

Terry Whitman took first place in the bed quilt mixed technique

A beautifully appliquéd and quilted Dresden Fan

A sampler in memory of Pam Bono

This giraffe followed the show's theme of Wild Things
I bought a fabric for another two quilts on the weekend, bringing my fabric total to enough for 29 quilts!  How did this happen?!?!  I used to say that I don't drink or smoke, so I can buy fabric, but now I think it just might be cheaper to drink and smoke!  These guild girls are a bad influence on me!!  Ha Ha.


  1. Congratulations to Terry! Thanks for sharing all these, Tracey; they might inspire me to get the dust off my machine. See you on the weekend.

  2. Who are these girls your hanging out with?? You need new friends!! I can't beleive how these peeps have lead you astray!! I only have enough stash to make one of the biggest quilt in the WORLD!!!

  3. Oh my golly...such breath taking quilts! That giraffe is amazing. Thanks for the show!