Monday, December 01, 2014

25 Blocks Done

I finished all 25 of my star blocks for Birdseye.  I took photos of me making the last block.
These are the pieces that I need for one block.
In this pattern, each block was constructed separately, no assembly line piecing.

Making the quarter square triangles.
Even the trimming is pretty!!  And all 25 beautiful blocks
The layout in the above photo is not the actual pattern. I just wanted to see what a few would look like together.

I couldn't resist starting on the second set of blocks, the double nine patch.  I'll need 16 of these.
and finally, a glimpse of what the quilt will eventually look like
I love green, but I'm still of the same opinion as before that this is not the look I was wanting, but I still like it, just not love it, I guess.  I should have chosen a black fabric from the line.  Oh well.  I'll reserve final judgement until the quilt is done.

Question of the day:  What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  Win the lottery?!?!  Go to Maui with Christa?!?!  See Meatloaf in concert?!?!  All joking aside, this is an easy one for me.  Go on a mission trip to somewhere special.  One day I will.

We have guild this Thursday and hopefully the girls will have some show and tell for me to show you.

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  1. That is looking beautiful! I don't mind the green! I definitely need to see the pyramids one day! I'll bring you to Maui in spirit!!