Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I will join the blogging trend and do a recap of 2014.  It was an impressive quilting year for me compared to 2013 when I finished one queen quilt, one baby quilt and a wall hanging.  This year I finished nine quilts.  Eight of them by myself, one with my guild.
Second Hand Clothes made with Metropolitan Fair fabrics
Lucky Stars made with various batiks.  This was the quilt I made at guild meetings.
Miss Lacie's Promise made with batiks.
Live Loudly made for my nephew Nolan.
Not made by me, but by our guild.  Char's Memory Quilt made with Snowbird Batiks.
Leftover bricks made for nephew Liam
Twin Sweet Scandinavians made for my mom from Winterlude fabrics.
And finally one for myself!  This is for our living room.
Birdseye made from Ladie's Album
A friend asked me if I had my quilting goals for 2015 set.  I don't have many set in stone other than a custom quilt for a friend and I'd like to get started on my Bali Wedding Star so I can have that done for our next quilt show in 2016.  I also have fabric to to a coordinating quilt to Birdseye for our living room, so I'd like to get that one done.  Maybe that one won't be quite as green!  I'd ideally love to sew for 15 minutes each and every day, so I will aim for that for 2015 as well.

Question of the day:  When do you feel most like yourself?

See you girls Friday at Guild!!!  Yay.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Last Thursday

Last Thursday didn't go as I had planned at all.  My six year old daughter woke me up crying in the middle of the night on Wednesday, saying that her head hurt.  I stayed home with her instead of going to guild.  I did sneak up, but I forgot my phone for show & tell.  By Friday morning, Emma was back to herself.

Terry finished quilting my Sweet Scandinavian quilts and they turned out beautifully.  Thank you, Terry!

Instead of spending my usual Saturday morning at the rink, I got to watch a cruise ship documentary while drinking coffee and binding my quilt.  Life is  good. I've said before that I love to bind.  I thought that I'd share a few of my binding tips.
When I bind, I always wear these gloves.  I'm able to grip the heavy quilt and it makes all the difference in the world.  I also use my walking foot for sewing the binding onto the my quilt.  For less than six dollars, I bought The Binding Tool on sale at The Fat Quarter Shop.  The seamless, continuous binding works out every time.
With The Binding Tool, you mark and trim on both sides and sew the fabric ends together.  Easy peesey!  It is perfect every time...unless you happen to twist the fabric by accident!  Ask me how I know this.
I also trim off the tips off my quilt corners.  I was finding that my binding was pulling up in the corners and not laying perfectly flat, so I tried this and my binding now lays more evenly.  And finally, I use Clover Wonder Clips to hold down my binding while hand stitching.  I clip one whole side and hand stitch it and move on to the next side.  The clips speed up the hand stitching time, plus they save your gripping hand a whole lot of strain by the time you're done binding the quilt.  I won't ever bind a quilt without them.

Question of the day:  (its a doozey for me)  If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?  Maybe I'd ask Hitler just who he thinks he is.  Or I'd ask Jesus why Judas was picked as a disciple.  Or I'd ask Oprah if I could stay at her Maui home with her for a weekend.  I might ask Steve Jobs if he lived his life the way he wanted when it was cut so short.  One question is not enough.  Thanks, Christa, for inspiring me to ask myself these hard questions.  Your retreat idea led me to search out my own questions.

Have a great week!

Monday, December 01, 2014

25 Blocks Done

I finished all 25 of my star blocks for Birdseye.  I took photos of me making the last block.
These are the pieces that I need for one block.
In this pattern, each block was constructed separately, no assembly line piecing.

Making the quarter square triangles.
Even the trimming is pretty!!  And all 25 beautiful blocks
The layout in the above photo is not the actual pattern. I just wanted to see what a few would look like together.

I couldn't resist starting on the second set of blocks, the double nine patch.  I'll need 16 of these.
and finally, a glimpse of what the quilt will eventually look like
I love green, but I'm still of the same opinion as before that this is not the look I was wanting, but I still like it, just not love it, I guess.  I should have chosen a black fabric from the line.  Oh well.  I'll reserve final judgement until the quilt is done.

Question of the day:  What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  Win the lottery?!?!  Go to Maui with Christa?!?!  See Meatloaf in concert?!?!  All joking aside, this is an easy one for me.  Go on a mission trip to somewhere special.  One day I will.

We have guild this Thursday and hopefully the girls will have some show and tell for me to show you.