Monday, November 24, 2014

My first Birdseye block

This will be a short post, but I was super excited to share my first Birdseye block.

and my second block
Its hard to pick borders and accent fabrics before you have any of the blocks made.  Its happened more than once to me that a fabric doesn't do what I wanted it to do or give the look that I'm wanting.  I'm on the fence over the green star accent fabric that surrounds each and every star block.  All 25 of them.  Although I love the fabric, I'm not sure that this is the look that I was going for.  I'm committed now.  My second accent fabric is a dark burgundy.  I'm hoping that it will take my quilt in the direction I'm wanting.

Question of the day:  What are your top five personal values?  I think mine would be faith, integrity, a giving spirit, a desire for a job well done and honesty (Colleen might say a little too much honesty at times!! ;-))  Maybe I have rose colored glasses on??  Have a great week.

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