Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birdseye progress

I really would LOVE to go inside Carrie Nelson's  head when she is brain storming for her patterns.  They are simply incredible and she also seems to have an endless supply of imagination.    Here are my 122 nine patches needed for my Birdseye.  This is 8 inches tall worth of nine patches
The fabric is Ladies Album by Barbara Brackman and it is one of my all time favorite lines.
Piecing my nine patches
Pairing up nine patches with co-ordinating star fabric
Birdseye is made with two different blocks, a double nine patch and star blocks made with more nine patches.  I have started on my star blocks, but I haven't fully assembled one yet.  Maybe today.

Question of the day:  What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?  I'll have to say that the first thought that comes to my mind is going to Colleen's house day after day after day after year for my lunch break at work.  I don't work full time, but about two months a year, and for four years now, Colleen's door has been open.  Thanks so much!  It's not so much the getting out of the post office that I love, but the company there!!

Guild tomorrow!!


  1. We enjoy having you and in fact look forward to it. Mrs. Frank did it for me when I worked at the Credit Union in Tribune so I know what it is like. The kindness I was shown was a sweet remark from one of Lorin's great aunties about nursing your babies. It came at a time I needed it most and she would never know but it is the support I needed to succeed.

    1. Lorin likes me coming because I bring him all of the post office gossip!!!