Saturday, September 06, 2014

I should be harvesting

but instead I've been sewing.  As much as I love sewing, I'd rather be in the combine.  Inches and inches of rain these past two weeks have made that impossible.

First up, Live Loudly is quilted, bound, and en route to its new owner.
I love to bind quilts.  Wonder Clips make binding go a lot faster.
Quilted by Terry Whitman as usual!

Complete with pillow cases.
The quilt top made with the leftover fabric from Live Loudly is also done.
It finishes at 62.5 by 70 inches.

Colleen says that I'm a real quilter now that I used my scraps in an original pattern! It isn't the most creative original pattern, but a step in the right direction anyway.

I don't think Irene will mind me showing you her scrap apple  quilt.  She said that this quilt was lost for a while.  She finally found it in a plastic bag in her closet under her vacuum hose.  Irene is famous for her gorgeous  scrap apples.  This one is incredible to me.  She continues to inspire those around her.

Irene reversed the dark and light fabrics in this quilt
And lastly, I finished another 12 scrappy pinwheel blocks.
The medium fabrics are proving to be a problem in seeing the pinwheel design.
OK, THIS is the very last thing!  School started this past Tuesday and these are my three youngest school aged kids.

My oldest son graduated last June.  Ahhhh, peace and quiet!

Until next time, happy quilting and sewing.


  1. Irene is an incredible scrap apple quilter!! Every one is a a work of art! Look at you go....second scrap quilt on the go!! It will all work out in the end!!

  2. Thanks for the comment on our guild blog; for some reason I couldn't reply over there. I LOVE your quilts and I am slowly working on a black and red one too. I have four started projects that I want to finish in this quilt year ... none are complicated and I'll get at them as soon as I'm done with cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. etc.