Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miss Lacie's Promise...

is a pattern designed by Border Creek Station in Ontario, Canada.  I made it for my aunt and uncle in trade for stained glass that they made for my new house.

The trade was this above for this (plus another two that I haven't shown)

Fellow guild member Terry did a gorgeous job on the quilting

Its now onto a new pattern with this gorgeous fabric

Ladies' Album by Barbara Brackman
It's all cut and ready to be sewn into Birds Eye by Miss Rosie.  Its a quilt that I have wanted to make for a couple of years now.

And lastly, I was able to attend an art show tour and see the wonderfully talented and inspirational work of Irene Roy.

Every surface in Irene's house was covered with one of her beautiful gems.

I loved this Dresden Fan

Irene's basement

Irene's living room

And my very favourite
I didn't take photos of all her quilts.  It was such an inspiring exhibit.  Thank you, Irene.

Our guild has again set our day to quilt as Thursday.  I've updated our calendar so all quilting days as well as our retreat is listed here for the year.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of the beautiful quilt you made for your aunt and uncle in exchange for the gorgeous glass window. That's great bartering! I also enjoyed the quilt tour at Irene's, so many works of art!