Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Live Loudly

Trying to find fabric to make a ten year old boy a quilt is easier said than done!  Four fabric stores later trying to find 14 fat quarters and almost all of the fat quarters I bought had polka dots on them!  I made Live Loudly for the first time three years ago for my own son.  Instead of trying to find a quilt pattern again, I went with this one.
Zach's Live Loudly Quilt
Its an easy, peasey pattern and perfect for a boy if you get the right colours.

This time around, I wanted to go with red, black and white.  That wasn't looking quite right to me, so I added in shades of grey as well.
Sewing my strips

Sashings and first border finished
and finally
This quilt will be going down to Iowa, USA.  And I was beyond thrilled to find the red, white and black Canadian flag.  Like I mentioned before, this pattern called for 14 fat quarters.  I ended up buying 19 to diversify the colours and patterns.  So with my left overs, I had enough to make a matching baby quilt for his baby brother.

Crappy color in this photo
I started to cut the scraps in lengths of 4.5, 6.5 and 8.5 and widths from 2 inches up to 4.5 inches.  After cutting, arranging and sewing this quilt together, I ended up with five or so of the 4.5 inch pieces and 1 of the 6.5 inch pieces left over. Perfect!  I have to add a border now and I am having trouble deciding what colour to go with.  Maybe a thin black first border and a thicker red second border.  Of course, I'll need so hunt down more fabric!

Today we have a special lunch with a fellow guild member.  More on that next time!

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  1. Great use of leftovers!! Love the black and white and red!