Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's see if I remember how to do this...

Now where do I start from?  Harvest?  The start of another year of Guild?  Christmas?  New Years?

Harvest.  We finished on November 28th!  Corn is way to hard on this girl's nerves!

Guild.  I think I've been there three times, maybe four, but didn't bring my camera, so not much to share on that front.  Although I did make it to our Christmas Dinner and made this very cute Pearl Louise Snowman wall hanging for fellow guild member, Maryann.
I could have made twenty of these for Christmas presents!  Next year.

I also made Clover.  I keep up with the Year of Schnibbles parades as showcased on A Quilting Life and Pink Pincushion Blogs each and every month and I couldn't turn November down when I saw Clover.
Terry's beautiful quilting
I added one more row as well as the outer two borders.  I sent Clover out east to Ottawa for a baby who should be here in about three months from now.

Christmas.  Our family was away for the first time in 19 years.  My four kids have never been away.  We headed 1200 miles south east to Bellevue, Iowa.  It is right on the Mississippi River.
The Mighty Mississippi and Illinois hills in the background
Bellevue is one of the oldest towns in Iowa (I think) and so full of history and gorgeous buildings that we simply don't have here in Saskatchewan.
North's 1848 12, 000 sq foot mansion
I got to tour this almost fully renovated three story Bellevue landmark.  Simply Stunning!!  Abraham Lincoln would stay in this house before he was president.  The view from that third story widow's walk was breath taking.
Side of house

Solarium/ Breakfast area with a 20 ft. Christmas tree
Penny, the owner had a Christmas tree in EVERY window in the house so the house absolutely shone at night.  So pretty!  I'm guessing that she had over 50 trees in their house.

And on main street in downtown Bellevue is a cute little quilt store that stocks many fossil ferns and many unique fabrics that I haven't seen before.

Hand painted mural flanking the front door
Jo, the owner, just had double knee replacement

Jo used to house her fabric in beautiful antique glass door cabinets.

Jo's hand quilting

I bought a pattern and some bright, unique fabric to make a bag.  I think Christa would have found something in here as Jo's favorite color is purple.

Our boys had a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch an NHL Blackhawks game from their Alumni sky box.  Too cool!
8 stories above the ice
Lastly, here's me and my family on Christmas Eve before Church.
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I have a grade 12er this year!  Where does the time go?


  1. Good to see you post today!! Love that gingerbread house! Such rich history!

  2. Great to see pictures of your trip and your family! Thanks for sharing them.