Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss Lacie's Promise

I started Miss Lacie's Promise late last June and then took a three month summer break.  I'm back at it now and I've made a bit of progress.  This quilt is made from two different colorways of the Kentucky Star block.  I've never made this block before, but there are quite a few set in seams in each block. 

These are the five fabrics in the first set of Kentucky Star Blocks.
First these diamonds made back in June
Second Step
And the final step to the diamond
Honestly, after the first diamond was done, I thought that I had wasted my money on this fabric.  The colors seem to blend too much and the pattern is lost...until this
8 diamonds put together
Ahhhhh, you can see the star pattern!  Yay!  This just might turn into a really nice quilt after all!

Guild this Thursday at 9:30. 

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  1. That looks incredible!! This time you should make two quilts while your at it! These are my favorite colors!! See you Thursday!