Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Days...

That's the number of days I'm guessing that I was able to get to my sewing machine during the summer.  I finished a toddler-sized quilt for my niece using leftover fabric.  The pattern is "Lucky Stars" by Atkinson Designs and the fabric is Whimsy by Fig Tree.
Blocks ready to be sewn together in rows
Finished and bound quilt
Ribbon quilting by Terry
Pieced back from leftover blocks and fat quarters

I also made this little pin cushion for my friend

Next time, I'll order the pin cushion pattern from Miss Rosie.  I'm sure she has tips on assembling the pin cushion without the binding.  The binding was a bit challenging to put on.

And finally, I made three sets of French Seam pillowcases from  a Youtube tutorial by The Crafty Gemini.
This was such a great tutorial, a bit fast in the instructions, but I watched it twice and had no problems.  I finished three sets of pillowcases in a matter of less than three hours.  I'm not sure why, but I only took a picture of the first pillowcase.  This one is for Emma and its nice having matching pillowcases for her bed.

Here are a couple summer photos
Me and my baby!

My family
Our gorgeous new driveway!
First day of Grade 12 and kindergarten
October 3, 2013 is our guilds first day of another year and we're all looking forward to our therapy sessions.  We have the greatest time at guild(except that one time!) and are very blessed to have the best bunch of ladies!  I'm not sure of my blogging future... I might leave that up to Christa from here on out.  Too little time in my life these days.  We'll see...See you girls at guild in a week.


  1. Can't believe it is almost Oct 3. Hope the rain stays away and we will be done combining by then. Three sets of pillowcases in less than 3 hours is pretty impressive. And I love the star quilt. Very pretty.

  2. Tracey, I've always been amazed that you have had time to blog with all that you do. Raising a great family and having time to sew are important and blogging can wait until you are at another point in your life. I'll enjoy continuing to read about your quilting over on Christa's blog.

  3. I am jealous....I only sewed for 2 days finishing my scrap squad under pressure and need to start the next one SOON!! See you in a week!!

  4. P.S. you put far too much pressure on yourself about blogging. It should be something you want to do or it seems more like work! I can take some slack off of you but you add a great dynamic to the guild blog....a perspective I do not have!