Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A brand new slate...

That's how I feel after our quilt show.  I worked like mad to get my quilts done for our show and now I can start fresh.  I went downstairs and took a look at my fabric and books that I own.  I have 17 books that I have never made a pattern from and at least a couple dozen single patterns that I haven' t made.  It seems as though I just keep collecting, instead of sewing.  Not near enough time in the day!  I bought these at our show
twenty seven fat quarters, wonder clips and another Creative Grids Ruler.  Adding these fat quarters, I have patterns and the fabric for 13 projects and five collections of fabric without a pattern.  Given that I made 13 quilts in the past three years, I guess that I have fabric for the next four years or so.  That means no more Montana trips, girls!!!  OK, I'll go, but I'm not buying anything.  Well, maybe just a fat quarter or two!  I also have five sets of pillow cases to make to go with quilts I've made in the past three years.

I made my bed this morning!  This usually isn't such a momentous occasion, but after eleven years of quilting, I finally have one to call my own.  Yay!!!  I also put Emma's new quilt on her bed.  A year is a long time for a five year old to wait to get to use a quilt, especially when it has purple in it.
I have Terry and Heather's quilt to finish and then I'm going to get serious and sit down with a pen and paper and all of my fabric and patterns and set some solid goals for our next quilt show.  Hint, hint guild girls! ;-)

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  1. I have 20 projects ready to go - all the fabric, a pattern picked and my sewing room clean. I will start sewing when summer company goes but need to enjoy them now.