Monday, June 03, 2013


So this post is dedicated to those in my guild who have mercilessly teased me about our Nickel Quilt adventure.  The story starts twelve years ago, even before I had a sewing maching, I had bought a quilt book by Pat Speth called Nickel Quilts.  I simply loved the cover quilt and bought the book at Chapters even before I could sew.  I had no idea about patterns or what this particular book was about, it was pure "eye candy" for me.

Ten years later, I still hadn't made a quilt from this book, so I told the girls at guild, "Lets all make a nickel quilt for our quilt show!"  They all agreed and off we go on our Nickel Quilt Adventure...until my book goes missing for a year or two and I can't make my Nickel Quilt.  Then the teasing begins..."Tracey, where's YOUR Nickel Quilt?" and "Who's idea was this, anyway?"!!

Charming Stars

Now, I can say, "Right here, Thank You, very much!"  Its all in good fun!  Granted, it isn't the cover quilt that I loved, but I had fallen in love with Colleen's Nickel Quilt and decided I would make it instead and bought the background fabric.

I started with 5 different Kansas Troubles charm packs and the pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I started this quilt last Tuesday and finished it this one week of sewing.  This will be my new "GoTo" quilt for when I get myself into a time crunch.  I love how this quilt turned out.
Pattern and charm squares

Construction using the Angler 2

A finished block
The layout

The pattern calls for a four by four block setting, but I increased it to four by five blocks.  I also increased the outside border to finish at 5 inches instead of 3.  It finishes at 74 by 90.  And the good news is that my book showed up at guild last month!  Now its off to Terry for her to do her magic on her long arm machine.

Emma giving her opinions on how it should be quilted
Here is a bit of Terry's magic on my Stars for a New Day quilt.  It is glorious!  Thank you, Terry!

 And the real kicker
Good Gracious Glorious is all I have to say about Terry's quilting.  And of course, it is way, way better in person.  Come see all of Terry's stunning work at our quilt show at the Torquay Community Centre on June 29 & 30.  She will have a quilt or two there with her work on it!


  1. You definitely remember the details correctly on the nickel quilt situation! Any suggestions for a fall project we can all do? That Stars quilt is spectacular!

    1. Yes, I do have a fall project idea...we should do the Across the Spectrum quilt that I like in the McCall's Quilting magazine. We all bring 6 or 7 fat quarters and divide them amongst us and make the same quilt! Great fun!

  2. Terry IS GOOD! Love, love, love the center. Also like your charm quilt of course - you are very speedy.

  3. That quilt is incredible! I do plan to see it in person.