Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fourteen days...

until our Guild quilt show.  It seems like I got done what I wanted to get done for the show and then had somewhat of a crash.  I lost my direction and my drive for a bit, but I've started a new project and I'm back on track.  I just want to talk about a couple of things before I get to my new project.

On our last trip to Glendive, I purchased Clover Wonder Clips.  Other bloggers have raved about these pretty little red clips and I wanted to give them a try.
They really were super.  I'm guessing that they saved me about 2 hours of binding time and I found that they took the pressure off of my left hand.  Without the clips, I would curl my left hand around the unsewn binding fabric and typically I kept a pretty tight hold of the fabric with my thumb and index finger and I would slide my hand along the binding as I sewed with my right hand.  So, a very good purchase for me and I'll use them on every quilt that I bind.

Irene introduced me to this book a couple years ago when I wanted to make Bears Need Homes, Too.  It was originally printed in 2002 and used copies of this book were selling for around $200. Ouch!  Martingale has now re-released this book and I have a hard copy of it.  Evelyn has really good instructions as well as really beautiful patterns.  I hope Irene will bring a few of these quilts to our quilt show as I know she has made some of these patterns.

I know this isn't about quilting, but the above photo shows my youngest son Terran at his track meet.  He did so well at high jump, jumping 8 cm higher than the second place boy.  He jumped higher than the bar shows here, but the photo was really cool.

And this is the quilt pattern that I started this past week.
and here are the fabrics that my mom, my aunt and myself picked out at Quilts and More in Sidney, MT.  This quilt is for my Aunt and Uncle in lieu of them making us stained glass for our house.
Beautiful batiks in purples and blues with a gorgeous floral border.
Here is a star that I have partially cut out and sewed.  The crappy thing about this pattern is that its all cut on the bias, so that means a lot of Best Press.  The pattern actually calls for Best Press in the instruction...something that I fell in love with a couple years ago.

Last thing...
A big wind blew through our neck of the woods yesterday and took with it one of our bins that was only six months old.  Not quite as bad as Oklahoma, though!

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  1. Wow you already have a good start on your aunt and uncle's quilt. Look at your poor trees in the foreground of your bin picture. They are about bent in half.