Monday, May 27, 2013

November 1, 2012

was the day that I started sewing on my Stars for a New Day Block of the Month.  Four days short of seven months, I have it done!  Being that it's Christa's birthday, I'm sure she would like it as a birthday gift.  Sorry, Christa, but I'm still willing to give you my leftovers...which is A LOT!
Looks like a great sewing day!
Month 12 called for making the log cabin blocks at the end of the star border, adding the star border and two final borders.
Adding the star borders
Adding a border
Auditioning for the final borders
My new sewing table is fantastic for supporting the weight of a whole queen-sized quilt.  I pull out the storage drawer and it turns into a perfect support while adding the final borders.

From Month 1

To Month 12
Ok, ok!  So I'm teasing you a bit by showing you the back of the finished quilt, but it will be hanging in our guild quilt show on June 29 and 30 here in Torquay.   If you are interested in seeing the front of my quilt along with many other beauties by our guild girls, the Estevan Wednesday girls and feature quilter Irene Roy, we'd love to see you at the show and serve you a piece of strawberry shortcake.  See you there!

Maybe I'll have just enough time to get my Nickel Quilt done??  Terry???

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  1. That was so thoughtful of you to finish 'my' quilt on my birthday!! I love it!!!!