Wednesday, May 01, 2013

For sale...

a 1950's laminate silver and white kitchen table.  Great condition, sturdy and reliable.  No, its really not in great condition because the middle has started to bow.  I've replaced my old garbage dump sewing table with a new handmade Amish birch beauty.

Back extension leaf
Front view
My sewing machine fits like a glove.
I hate to say it, but it's almost too nice to use.  I don't want to scratch it!  But Wow! what a difference in sewing ease with my machine being three inches lower.  Its so much easier on my shoulders.  I am truly blessed to have this to sew on for the rest of my life.  I guess that I will have to include this table in my last will and testament, heh?  I do take bribes!

This table was custom ordered from Schrock's of Walnut Creek of Ohio, USA.  I had a choice of three woods- oak, cherry and birch.  I chose birch because of the grain with a walnut stain.  The company hadn't made this combination before mine and said that they were going to add pictures of my table to their website.

My table was at our farm for a month before I could sew on it.  We were waiting for my bother in law to help carry it down our stairs.  So last night we had an insurance salesman drop by and he insisted on helping us get it to the basement...he offered three times...he was in a suit and tie!  He must have been a football player because when they were done hauling it down, he had barely broken a sweat and didn't lose his breath at all.  I told him that I wasn't gonna phone his wife and tell her that her husband was squished to death at the bottom of our stairs by a sewing cabinet.  Oh the visions that run through my mind!  See Christa, insurance salesmen aren't all that bad!  :-)

And one more Thank You to Colleen.  The mini cutting board is perfect for my flying geese.
See you girls at guild tomorrow.  Probably the last of the year.........unless is snows again...........


  1. Congraulations on that beautiful sewing table! You deserve it for all the sewing you get done. The back extension is a great idea. I got a kick out of your "bother in law". Good thing the insurance guy helped you out!

  2. Lorin said to tell you not to worry about phoning that guys wife because he would have insurance!!! Looks great - you won't want to sew at the church.

  3. The stars quilt you are planning looks difficult but very beautiful.I'm quite jealous of your new table--- and of the neatness of your sewing room.