Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arrived from Norway!

I want to Thank Michele from Quilting Gallery for pairing me up with a Norwegian.  It was special with me being half Norwegian.

Norwegian stamps

Berit from Mysen, Norway sent me this super creative mini.
My mini was also made from log cabin blocks.

All of the beautiful hand stitching.  A lot of work!

And a few Norwegian treats...
Quilt postcard, backing for hand stitching, buttons, a flag and some gorgeous thread.
Thanks Berit!  I love it!  I know that you put a sleeve on the back, but for now, it will sit on my kitchen table.  I have girlfriends coming over for coffee this morning and intend to show it off!

My mini seems to be in limbo in New York.  The funny thing is that I mailed two parcels to Australia that day, mine and one for Christa.  Christa's is already in Australia and has been attempted for delivery already and mine sits in New York.  Go figure.

Last thing,
my baby has graduated from preschool and is registered in kindergarten.  Ughhh.

OK, one more thing.
View from my living room window

Seeding lentils on the home quarter.
Month 12 of Stars is almost done so stay tuned.


  1. How cute it that!! Those little flowers are so delicate and I love that thread!! Congrats to Emma!! I love the stamps, too!

  2. I love that Norsk mini quilt! How special that you are paired with a Norwegian. Your parcel might be farther than NY if you are going by the tracking number. The last parcel that I sent to Todd never got past Bismarck according to the tracking. But it did get to Kristiansund so hope your parcel soon gets to its destination too.

  3. Usually tracking out of Canada quits at the Canadian border if something is going overseas. As me how I know! Love that sweet little quilt ... you'll get much pleasure from it. Just don't let your coffee ladies spill anything on it. :o)