Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Thank you...

to my guild girls for reminding me that my effort is sometimes "good enough".  I wanted to try to quilt my Mini Quilt by myself on my own machine using a continuous line design from Harriet Hargrave's Heirloom Machine Quilting.  I gave it a go on some scraps and I wasn't happy with the tension on my stitches...some were very loose and my stitch line was jagged.  My guild girls looked at my practice run and gave me a few tips and told me that it was good enough and to try again.

In her book, Harriet shows you many different ways to machine quilt.  I chose to use the method of tracing your chosen design onto paper that you tear away after stitching on the traced lines.

The gloves make all the difference in the world!
Almost done!

And finally, carefully remove the paper without damaging your stitches.

Hide your tread tails in the batting

I wish that the quilting showed up better in these pictures, but quilting always seems to be the hardest to take good pictures of.  The quilting turned out really, really well for my first time at it.  You can see a teensy weensy bit of the blue ink used to trace to design onto the paper.  I will have to try to fix that.

We spent last night at show and tell with the Weyburn guild girls.  Thanks so much for the great evening!  We enjoyed it. 

There is guild tomorrow, but I can't go.  Christa will have to fill us in.


  1. You always had it in you!! Looks like it turned out great! Good tip about hiding the thread tails!!

  2. Your effort is always better than "good enough". It looks very nice - good for you.