Monday, April 22, 2013

A drought for me...

here in Blogland!  I get so bogged down sometimes with what I want to do and say and get done, that I end up being overwhelmed and do nothing at all.  I need to get my Stars quilt done for our guild Quilt Show at the end of this June, so that has been my priority lately. 
I have Month 8 done.

And Month 9!

And I'm excited to say that all 24 of my border stars are together which means

I'm able to assemble the next border in the quilt.  You know what its like when you buy a fabric for a border and then don't love it when you are ready to put it on?  That's what happened to me with my side setting triangle fabrics.  They were too dark and overpowering and so at guild I had the girls help me choose a new fabric which is the background fabric for the whole quilt.  I did the math and I should have enough, but I was able to find another 2.25 yards on the internet.  Thanks Rossville Quilts!

My table is slowly, slowly getting into my basement.
Four drawers, three shelves and two doors!  The wood and the stain are gorgeous.  This unit was all hand pieced by the Amish of Schrocks of Walnut Creek of Walnut Creek, Ohio, USA.

And last week, Christa, MaryAnn and I had the thrill of a lifetime seeing Miss Oprah Winfrey live in Saskatoon.  What a woman!

The electricity in the room was like nothing I've ever experienced before.  It brought tears to my eyes that night and still did today.

Sorry about the bad video taping...I couldn't see my phone screen because I wouldn't take my eyes of Oprah.  I was shooting blind, so to say. (I can't get the video to upload, but I will try again later today) Oprah has said for years that she actively lives gratitude every day by writing in her Gratitude Journal.  Every day she adds five things from the day for which she was grateful.  I finally started mine when I got home.

I just so happened to have the perfect journal waiting for me at home.  This was my door prize from our quilt retreat in January of this year.  Thanks, Colleen.  I've put it to good use.

This weekend our guild is off the the Makoshika Quilt Festival in Glendive, Montana, USA.  Our guild submitted aver 20 quilts to be shown in their show, and will be a good time, I'm sure.


  1. OMG your stars is going to be beautiful...unlike the pic of me with you two hotties!! It was a once in a lifetime experience. Glad we could share it together!!

  2. I'm trying to convince Bob we need a drive-there-and-back-in-one-day to Glendive on the weekend. He might be wearing down!