Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Day You Realize...

that you're on your way to becoming the quilter/hoarder that you vowed not to become!  For me, that day has been building for a while, but it really hit me today.  After sewing for the past nine years on a 1950s table picked up by my father-in-law at our town garbage, I bought an Amish sewing table online.  It is due to be delivered in two weeks and so I started to purge my sewing room this morning.  I would really like to blame my fellow guild members for the mess of fabric that I've bought without a purpose, but that is really a small part of my hoard.  I have kept every inch of leftover binding, every unused sewn block, every cut off half square triangle, and every single scrap of fabric that I didn't use in my quilts.  I also kept the 6 inches or more of backing and batting that I trimmed off many of my quilts.   WHY???  And I bug Jane!

I have another three tubs that aren't in this photo.  I just kept throwing my scraps into baggies and throwing the baggies into a tub.  I don't want to throw my scraps away, but I don't know how to use them, either.  I am a fan of Bonnie Hunter and she is the scrap queenand she has the scrap users system.  I've also known about Joan Ford  and her Scrap Therapy for a while.  She has a system of cutting her scraps into usable squares and then incorporating them into her designs.  I am planning on making a scrap string quilt, and I've been cutting my leftover fabric into 1-2" strips.  But what to do with my previous eleven years of scraps?  I spent today sorting the pieces into colors and rebagged them and then retubbed them!  Hardly an improvement.  But I did throw some scraps into the garbage.  Does anyone have a book by either of these talented ladies?

See you girls at guild tomorrow.


  1. Ok...If that is what you are referring to as your hoarding of scraps....we need to talk!! You look like a rookie it that's all the damage you have obtained in 11 years!!You have not seen my pile of batting ends!!

  2. i don't have a book by Bonnie Hunter but use her online a lot. If our rooms are full of scraps, we don't have room for books, do we?? Do you know the terrific Manitoba quilter Judy Morningstar? She uses the term "poverty piecing" and loves to use every little scrap of everything.

  3. Oh, lots of beautiful scraps!