Friday, March 22, 2013

Dreaming of Spring...

in more ways than one today!  I think that anyone living in Saskatchewan has had enough blowin' and snowin'.  Cancelled buses, cancelled hockey, cancelled mail runs, cancelled church, and on and on.  You'd think that I've been sewing up a storm here, but that's not the case!

I wanted to pass on a website that Christa of Second Story Quilting has got me hooked on.  It is called Quilting Gallery and is hosted by Michele of Ottawa, Canada.  Michele must put hours of work into her website that includes Dreaming of Spring Mini Quilt Swap.  What you do is make a mini quilt no larger than 24 inches square and Michele pairs you up with a basically a pen pal and you exchange quilts.  So far there are 89 of us from all over the world including Europe, Australia and even a woman from the United Arab Emerites.  There is a list of participants on Michele's website and many of them have a blog listed where you are able to go and see what their mini looks like.  Don't you remember your pen pal from grade 6 and how exciting it was to get a letter in the mail?  I'm encouraging you to join this exchange by March 25.  You have until May 6 to finish your mini.  If you're intimidated with signing up and registering, I am offering to sign you up with Michele.  It costs $3 or a fat quarter, which I did.

I opted to make a log cabin inspired by Terrry, our guild's long arm quilter.  It is an irregular log cabin.  I drew up my own patter and thanks to Harriet Hargrave and her Quilter's Academy, I was able to figure out my fabric requirements.

All you need is graph paper and some white out!

Some of my old favorite fabrics I've chosen for my mini.

one block finishes at 6 inches square
I think that I've missed the mark with my color selections.  I used fabrics that I love instead of using "Spring" colors.  I contemplated starting over with new fabrics, but its gonna have to do.

Four blocks finish at 12 inches square
We did have guild yesterday, but not too much in the area of show and tell.  I worked on my Stars For a New Day quilt by Sue Garman.  Again, this is a Block of the Month and I am currently working on Month 6 of 12.  Month 6 requires 4 Border Stars and 8 Sawtooth stars.  I was able to finish two of the border stars for a total of 10 of 24 finished.

Sorry for the blurry pictures today.  I am so wanting to get this quilt done for our June quilt show, but it's looking pretty desperate.

On Tuesday, April 2 we are joining the Weyburn Crocus Quilters  for a night out at their guild.  It should be a good night...if I can talk Christa into taking me our for supper!  Sorry, no proof reading the blog for me today if I want to get sewing.  Until next time, Happy Snowing, oh I meant Sewing.


  1. If I was going to be home for that guild meeting, I'd invite you for supper. I love having company (especially quilt company) and I love cooking for company. Bob's loves company too and does tolerate quilting company. :o)

  2. If you can hold the snow off I am sure we could arrange supper!!