Monday, March 04, 2013

Ahhhhh, another snow day.

Yesterday it rained at our farm...

and now it has snowed and blown...

Amazing what less than 18 hours can do, heh?

The girls over at Moda's Cutting Table are playing a Stranded Island game today.  If they were stranded on an island full of fabric what three notions would they want with them.  That got me thinking that I could play my own game called "What if you are snowed in on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan and your husband is stranded four hours away and your kids are home from school"!  Fun times!!!  What would my three notions be???  My acrylic Sew Steady table, my Clover awl and Best Press.  Although Aurifil thread was really, really close to getting on that list.

I've gotten a great start on Month 5 in Stars for a New Day BoM quilt.  Months 4 through 9 are all the make 4 Border Stars and 8 Sawtooth Stars.  This makes for pretty monotonous and boring posts!  I've finished two Border Stars and almost finished the third. 

Another four episodes of Lost and I will have Month 5 done!  I should have named my game "Stranded on an island with Matthew Fox"!  What are the notions you can't live without?


  1. 1- my I can watch Lost(did you find out who's prego yet?)
    2-rotory cutter

  2. I loved the picture comparison. I am assuming we are not counting seam rippers??? So I would have to say my Ott light, my blocloc square up rulers (I'm being more specific than Christa) and basting spray.

  3. Now if Tracey brings the sea salt chocolate we are set for a least!!

  4. The way I have been sewing today, one of mine better be a stitch ripper! :o)