Saturday, March 30, 2013

Month 7

This is like a pregnancy journal!  Except that I finished one month in less than a week.  Yay!

Month 7
Every month that I finish, I think, "This is the prettiest set of stars!"  Each month they are all so nice!  Technically, I am done over half of this quilt, so maybe I will be able to get this done by June for our guild's quilt show. 

I also finished my Dreaming of Spring Mini Quilt Swap flimsy.
Now to get it quilted and bound.
Happy Easter to you all.  For me, Easter is becoming a time of renewal and new beginnings...I'm starting to see life more clearly these days!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


of a good kind, though.

Kansas Troubles fabric

I can't flip this photo for some reason.  :-)
Kansas Troubles By Lynne Hagmeier is my favorite line of fabrics.  Hands down.  So after using a good portion of my Kansas Troubles stash in a quilt made for my aunt, I've been looking for some replacement fabrics.  I found a sale on Kansas Troubles Favorites on Christa Quilts (Las Vegas, NV) and ordered the fat quarters shown in my first photo.  The charm packs I ordered from Hamels Fabrics from Chiliwack, BC.  Hamels has fantastic prices for a Canadian quilt store.  I think that they realize that they have to compete with the American online stores that offer the same fabric as Canadian stores at a much lower price.

I also ordered two more patterns (like I needed anymore!) from Hamel's designed by one of my favorite designers, Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.

And a bit of progress on my Spring Mini Quilt Exchange
half of the blocks are now done

But the real reason for this post is

My beautiful son is going to Italy in the morning with his school.  I realize that they are supposed to grow up, but how in the world did I get a son who drives, buys size 12 shoes, stands at almost six feet tall, plays midget hockey and flies halfway around the world without us? 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dreaming of Spring...

in more ways than one today!  I think that anyone living in Saskatchewan has had enough blowin' and snowin'.  Cancelled buses, cancelled hockey, cancelled mail runs, cancelled church, and on and on.  You'd think that I've been sewing up a storm here, but that's not the case!

I wanted to pass on a website that Christa of Second Story Quilting has got me hooked on.  It is called Quilting Gallery and is hosted by Michele of Ottawa, Canada.  Michele must put hours of work into her website that includes Dreaming of Spring Mini Quilt Swap.  What you do is make a mini quilt no larger than 24 inches square and Michele pairs you up with a basically a pen pal and you exchange quilts.  So far there are 89 of us from all over the world including Europe, Australia and even a woman from the United Arab Emerites.  There is a list of participants on Michele's website and many of them have a blog listed where you are able to go and see what their mini looks like.  Don't you remember your pen pal from grade 6 and how exciting it was to get a letter in the mail?  I'm encouraging you to join this exchange by March 25.  You have until May 6 to finish your mini.  If you're intimidated with signing up and registering, I am offering to sign you up with Michele.  It costs $3 or a fat quarter, which I did.

I opted to make a log cabin inspired by Terrry, our guild's long arm quilter.  It is an irregular log cabin.  I drew up my own patter and thanks to Harriet Hargrave and her Quilter's Academy, I was able to figure out my fabric requirements.

All you need is graph paper and some white out!

Some of my old favorite fabrics I've chosen for my mini.

one block finishes at 6 inches square
I think that I've missed the mark with my color selections.  I used fabrics that I love instead of using "Spring" colors.  I contemplated starting over with new fabrics, but its gonna have to do.

Four blocks finish at 12 inches square
We did have guild yesterday, but not too much in the area of show and tell.  I worked on my Stars For a New Day quilt by Sue Garman.  Again, this is a Block of the Month and I am currently working on Month 6 of 12.  Month 6 requires 4 Border Stars and 8 Sawtooth stars.  I was able to finish two of the border stars for a total of 10 of 24 finished.

Sorry for the blurry pictures today.  I am so wanting to get this quilt done for our June quilt show, but it's looking pretty desperate.

On Tuesday, April 2 we are joining the Weyburn Crocus Quilters  for a night out at their guild.  It should be a good night...if I can talk Christa into taking me our for supper!  Sorry, no proof reading the blog for me today if I want to get sewing.  Until next time, Happy Snowing, oh I meant Sewing.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Day You Realize...

that you're on your way to becoming the quilter/hoarder that you vowed not to become!  For me, that day has been building for a while, but it really hit me today.  After sewing for the past nine years on a 1950s table picked up by my father-in-law at our town garbage, I bought an Amish sewing table online.  It is due to be delivered in two weeks and so I started to purge my sewing room this morning.  I would really like to blame my fellow guild members for the mess of fabric that I've bought without a purpose, but that is really a small part of my hoard.  I have kept every inch of leftover binding, every unused sewn block, every cut off half square triangle, and every single scrap of fabric that I didn't use in my quilts.  I also kept the 6 inches or more of backing and batting that I trimmed off many of my quilts.   WHY???  And I bug Jane!

I have another three tubs that aren't in this photo.  I just kept throwing my scraps into baggies and throwing the baggies into a tub.  I don't want to throw my scraps away, but I don't know how to use them, either.  I am a fan of Bonnie Hunter and she is the scrap queenand she has the scrap users system.  I've also known about Joan Ford  and her Scrap Therapy for a while.  She has a system of cutting her scraps into usable squares and then incorporating them into her designs.  I am planning on making a scrap string quilt, and I've been cutting my leftover fabric into 1-2" strips.  But what to do with my previous eleven years of scraps?  I spent today sorting the pieces into colors and rebagged them and then retubbed them!  Hardly an improvement.  But I did throw some scraps into the garbage.  Does anyone have a book by either of these talented ladies?

See you girls at guild tomorrow.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ahhhhh, another snow day.

Yesterday it rained at our farm...

and now it has snowed and blown...

Amazing what less than 18 hours can do, heh?

The girls over at Moda's Cutting Table are playing a Stranded Island game today.  If they were stranded on an island full of fabric what three notions would they want with them.  That got me thinking that I could play my own game called "What if you are snowed in on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan and your husband is stranded four hours away and your kids are home from school"!  Fun times!!!  What would my three notions be???  My acrylic Sew Steady table, my Clover awl and Best Press.  Although Aurifil thread was really, really close to getting on that list.

I've gotten a great start on Month 5 in Stars for a New Day BoM quilt.  Months 4 through 9 are all the make 4 Border Stars and 8 Sawtooth Stars.  This makes for pretty monotonous and boring posts!  I've finished two Border Stars and almost finished the third. 

Another four episodes of Lost and I will have Month 5 done!  I should have named my game "Stranded on an island with Matthew Fox"!  What are the notions you can't live without?