Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stars Month Four and Guild Progress

My first set of four border stars is finished and the second set for Month 5 is cut out and ready for sewing.  Like the first three months of this pattern, the stars are small, but beautiful.  Two posts ago I blogged that they are worth the time and effort, but something tells me that I will be singing a different tune when all 24 are sewn.

Deceivingly smaller than they look!
The top stars are the final border stars which the pattern refers to as the Sawtooth Stars and the bottom four are the Border Stars.  There are 360 pieces in these twelve blocks. 

The "Highway" to our farm on Monday morning

South Saskatchewan roads took a beating this past week.  I think that this is the worst this highway has been in my eighteen years of driving on it.  It took six full days for the highway to get back to it's normally pot-holey self!  On Friday my husband, myself and our three boys braved the ice-coated roads and headed to Regina to see Eric Church in concert.  He is a talented, talented entertainer.  We could feel the heat from those flames from quite a ways away!

Eric Church in concert in Regina, SK

And lastly, we had a guild get-together today to work on our guild banner.  We wanted to make a banner for our own upcoming quilt show in Torquay this June, but also for the Makoshika Quilt Show in Glendive, MT, USA which we have been asked to show our quilts in.  This show is scheduled for the 26 & 27 of April 2013.  Christa was able to source a book she thought we could use.  It is called Down in the Valley by Cori Derksen and Mrya Harder.  It is a book of paper-pieced houses, trees, churches, schools and such.  Most members picked a house or building, then we raided our stashes and got to work.  Thanks, Brenda for your book.

My chosen house
My second house
Terry's sun- she drew inspiration from a Christmas stocking!
Jane's elevator-  pattern was from her imagination!!!
Christa making the picket fence.
Brainstorming for ideas
By the end of the day four of us had made a church complete with stained glass windows, our Canadian flag,  three houses, three trees, an outhouse, an elevator, three maple leaf blocks,  a sun, a fence and a couple of stars.  Colleen just loved making her church!!!  Oh, but Colleen, it WAS worth all of your work!  We have a couple more blocks to be handed in by other members who couldn't be with us today.  Once we get those handed in and a border fabric, we can start the process of putting it all together.  We need to get our imaginations in high gear.

A special Thanks to Shelby for your fabulous cookies and to Justin for dropping in with a pitcher of homemade strawberry lemonade good!

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  1. That guild banner is going to be fantastic. Please, please tell me that those little quilts aren't PP too. They would take forever to make.