Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kitchen Complete!

I have an uncle and an aunt who love to work on stained glass in the winter.  Last year they made me a piece to go over our kitchen counter as a housewarming gift.  We struck a deal, trading a quilt made by me for two stained glass windows made by them.  Pretty good, heh??!!  My dad and uncle Terry showed up on Friday with my two windows.

Beautiful, heh?  When we built our house, we ordered our transoms with caning to add a bit of character.  Now that caning really caused some problems for Terry and Heather in regards to design and trying to camouflage them, but you hardly can even see the canes.  These are the touches that really make a house a home.  Thanks, Terry and Heather.  And to my dad who wanted to get in on the appreciation of this project, Thank You for passing Terry the caulking gun!

Here is my first border star waiting for assembly.

And this little guy has 64 pieces and  finishes at 6 inches square!  It's worth all of the work.  Here is a photo of what the back is like.

I'm taking the designer's advice on this and pressing the seams open.  There are two sides to this argument, in my opinion.  It does reduce the bulk for quilting, but it also makes it harder to piece the block together perfectly as there are no seams that you can "kiss".  Pressing the seams open definitely involves a lot more pinning.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and sadly, it isn't a sewing day for our guild.  The girls in our guild want to say a special "Hello" to Mathew and Jane.  We are praying for you and Take Care.


  1. Great job on the windows! Stain glass always makes a house seem cozy and warm.

  2. I love those stained glass windows! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the story behind them.