Thursday, February 07, 2013

Continued again!

I will try to get all of the remaining pictures posted tonight that were taken at our guild retreat.

Dot's scrappy string quilt

Dot sewed this scrappy squares at the retreat
Theresa finished this snuggly quilt for her son
Theresa and her mom, Chris, sewed this for a fundraiser
Heather's Christmas wreath
Heather's guild block exchange
Heather's calendar quilt
Tracey's Double Crossed
Tracey's Double Duty

Terry's Pretty By Hand Bag
Terry's scrappy Irish Chain
The back of Terry's Irish Chain
Terry's gorgeous hand quilted whole cloth quilt.  Ten or so years work.
Lori's modern french braid quilt
Lori's Christmas Table Topper
Lori's beautiful beach towel.  I wonder if she will use this in Maui on her holiday?  Have fun!
Lori's chenille and cotton quilt
And finally our group made a special presentation to Sharon.  Sharon was with us last year at retreat, but couldn't join us this year for the whole weekend, but she stopped by on Saturday afternoon.  She's been through some health issues this past year, so our guild banded together to make her a "Care Quilt". We are glad that Sharon is on the mend and look forward to her return next year.

Christa presenting Sharon with the Cheers! or Martini quilt

Reading the label
This is the photo that some of our girls have been waiting for...the group shot!

Jane, Chris, Terry, Heather, Colleen, Shelby, Lori, Theresa     Tracey, Debra, Anita, Christa and Dot
Thanks to Christa for putting together this wonderful weekend for the third year in a row.  Next year we have booked a third night, so even more fun planned for 2014!  We also want to thank our fantastic cook, Shelley, for all of her cooking.  A job very well done!


  1. Thanks Tracey's for all your picture taking and posts. Those of us who don't do it can only imagine how time consuming it is and we do appreciate it.

  2. Loved looking at more beautiful works. It amazes me when the backs of quilts are as stunning as the fronts.