Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Days...

in Southern Saskatchewan are my favorite kinds of days!  That's what today is here at our farm.  It means that I can sew, sew, sew. 

Double Duty
Double Duty is back from our long-arm quilter, Terry Whitman.  I told Terry earlier today that her quilting in this quilt is my favorite of all the quilts that she has done for me. 

The dark halves of the log cabin blocks are my favorite parts of Terry's handiwork.  I trimmed off the extra backing and batting and now its ready for binding.  I folded this little lady up and started up again on my Stars for a New Day block of the month quilt.  I had finished my first month and had most of the cutting done for the second month.  The next step was to sew together a four patch border with set in triangles.

A lot of piddly sewing in these borders

This pattern is going to be good for me.  Challenging, for sure, but you won't get better without taking on harder projects, right?  This now is about 30 inches square and has over 300 pieces.  I'm too lazy to count them right now.

The dark purple borders are called "floater borders".  If your sewing is a bit off and your four-patch borders are either too big or too small, you  simply do a bit of easy math and adjust your border widths accordingly so they fit like a glove.  Great idea, heh.  I'm almost done Month 2.  I have eight saw tooth stars left to sew.  Easy peasey!  Lets hope tomorrow is a snow day, too.