Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So Much to Say...

but so little time!  Good intentions of sewing and blogging were just that.  This post it going to be picture intense and word sparse...
Anyways, last Thursday was a sewing day for our group.  Here are a few snapshots of that.
Terry's batik quilt

Colleen's batik quilt ( I even got her to smile!!)

Christa's Snowman table runner
Charlene's Bear quilt

Charlene's alphabet quilt is bound.

Charlene's Advent wall hanging

And this is our little visitor, Bernie.  I tried to befriend him by taking his picture and showing it to him, but it only terrorized the poor kid.  He cried and cried.  OOPS!!
I have put aside my Stars quilt to make a quilt for  a friend.  He was wanting a quilt for Christmas, but that just wasn't going to happen.  So I will start it and he will give a part of it as her gift.  That'll work, I guess.
The quilt is called Double Duty and is found in Miss Rosie's Spice of Life quilt book.  This is a must-have book, and really, really hard to find.  Ask Colleen.  She will have to break down and order it off Amazon.com.  I have not taken a picture of it yet, but it is all flying geese and log cabin blocks made from my ten-year collection of Kansas Troubles.  (I can't believe that I am finally using these fqs and I am giving the quilt away.  Something I am bound to regret one day!)
This is my second time for making flying geese with one large square and four smaller squares.  Here is a visual for the process.
My groupings...20 large squares and 80 small squares

Sew 1/4 inch on either side of the line

Cut on the line after sewing

Press the light side open

Add another square.  Sew on either side of the line and finally cut on the line

Press light side open and voila...four perfect flying geese.

All I know for sure is that I'm not smart enough to figure that method out all on my own.  Ingenious!!!
I have the first three sections done on my log cabin blocks.  I should have been sewing, but I was here doing this tonight...
Emma in the E.R. tonight.  She fell asleep waiting for the Doc.
Emma woke this morning with a fever, cough and headache.  She has throat and double ear infection.  She has only been sick once before in her little life and now, two and a half days before our family cruise, she gets pummeled with this. Emma did terrific at the ER, a perfect little patient, but now she could use some prayers.  Lets hope that the antibiotics work their magic fast.  Notice her boots???


  1. I noticed her boots right away -very flashy. Poor little thing - but she looks very nice for a sick person. Little ones bounce back way faster than us - she should be better in no time but will pray for her anyway (and that no one else gets sick).

  2. Your group of ladies always does such wonderful work.